2nd PUC English Streams Workbook Answers Speech Writing

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Karnataka 2nd PUC English Streams Workbook Answers Speech Writing

Speech is another crucial form of oral communication. It is important that the views and ideas of the speaker are authentic. Care should be taken to ensure that the language is intelligible to the audience.

2nd PUC English Streams Workbook Speech Writing

Elements of speech writing:

  1. Use first person (I) – to communicate ideas as speaker of the topic
  2. addressing the audience
  3. introducing the topic
  4. purpose of the speech, keeping the audience in mind
  5. concluding the speech

Though making a speech is a spoken activity, for the purpose of testing, it is presented in the written form. Students may be given hints which can be expanded for speech writing.

Write a speech in about 150 – 200 words based on the hints given below.

One has already been done for you.

2nd PUC English Streams Workbook Speech Writing

Question 1.
In order to promote reading habits in students, your college has organized a Library Week. You are the Secretary of the College Students Union. You have to speak to the students about the week-long programme. You have noted the following points.

– days and dates
– new arrivals displayed
– exhibition of books by some publishers
– famous authors/poets to visit and interact with students
– more facilities in the library
– new magazines

Here is an example worked out for you.
Dear friends,
It gives me great pleasure to speak to you about the Library week that our College has organized from 2nd to 10th November this year. Reading makes a man perfect. The aim of celebrating this week is to inculcate the reading habit among students. As part of the celebration, new arrivals in the reference section such as encyclopedia and dictionaries and general books will be displayed. Sapna Book House and Cambridge University Press are putting up an exhibition. We have invited Dr. Shobha Devi to inaugurate the exhibition and interact with students. Other authors like Smt.Shashi Deshpande and Dr.Patil will also pay us a visit. During the week, a literary quiz competition will be organized. The Reading section will have more new magazines of general interest. I request all of you to spend as much free time in the library as you can., and make use of the facilities.

Thank You.

2nd PUC English Streams Workbook Speech Writing

Question 2.
It is a Road Safety Week at a school. One of the students is requested to give a short speech on road safety. Write a speech stressing the importance of road safety and making some practical suggestions for students.

Write your speech in not more than 120 words.
Respected Principal, Teachers and my dear friends, lam very happy to say that our College . has taken some steps towards creating awareness in the society about traffic rules and their necessity. Today we read in newspapers many people dying in road accidents. To highlight this, we are celebrating ‘Road safety week’. One of the main causes of accidents is the rapid increase in traffic and people ignoring traffic rules. We neglect traffic rules and jump the signals, do not follow lane discipline and always try to overtake.

Another reason for road accidents is using mobile phones while driving and drunken driving. To avoid accidents, we must follow traffic rules very strictly and should take the oath that we would not use mobiles while driving and must not drive rashly to overtake. Even our traffic system should be improved.

Thank you.

2nd PUC English Streams Workbook Speech Writing

Question 3.
You are the student Secretary of the College Association. Your College has invited Dr. S.R Rao, eminent Scientist of RR. Institute, Bangalore to address the students. You have to introduce the guest and welcome him.

You can use the following hints:

(a) Name of the guest: Dr.S.R Rao
(b) Educational qualification: M.Sc.(Physics); Ph.D.(Nuclear Physics)
(c) Work profile: a Started career as a lecturer in a local College

– Completed Ph.D. in 2001
– Joined R.R. Institute as Senior Scientist
– Became the Director of R.R. Institute in 2010

(d) Interests – Photography and painting.
Honorable chief guest, respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends, today is the most important day of the academic year for all of us. It is our great pleasure to have Dr. S.R. Rao, eminent Scientist of R.R. Institute as the chief guest on the occasion of our College day. It is indeed my pleasure to introduce him to you.

Dr. S.R. Rao passed his M.Sc. in Physics from Bangalore University in 1998. He started his career as a lecturer in a local College, and completed his Ph.D. in 2001. Then he joined R.R. Institute as senior Scientist and became the director of R.R. Institute in 2010. His hobbies and interests are photography and painting. On behalf of all of I invite him for the function and request him to address the students.

Thank you.

2nd PUC English Streams Workbook Speech Writing