KSEEB Solutions Class 8 English Grammar (1st Language)

Students can Download KSEEB Solutions Class 8 English Grammar (1st Language), KSEEB Solutions for Class 8 English helps you to revise the complete Karnataka State Board Syllabus and to clear all their doubts, score well in final exams.

Karnataka State Syllabus Class 8 English Grammar (1st Language)

I. Give one word for the following:

1. One who lives on vegetables.

2. A minister representing a sovereign or state in a foreign country.

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3. One who knows many languages.

4. A person who can neither read not write

5. A place where young plants are reared.

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6. Contrary to law.

7. The yearly return of a date.

8. A room or building for showing works of art.

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9. The act of converting land into a forest by planting many trees.

10. The life history of a person written by another person.

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II. Analogy: Choose the best alternative answers to fill in the blanks:

1. Artist is to paint as sculpture is to ________
a. stone
b. clay
c. mud
d. design
b. clay

2. Popular is to unpopular as possible is to ________

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3. Sports is to stadium as ______ is to stage
a. novel
b. poetry
c. play
d. song
c. play

4. Bird is to nest as Eskimo is to ______
a. hovel
b. igloo
c. ice
d. caravan
b. igloo

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5. Morning is to evening as childhood is to ______
a. old age
b. teenage
c. adolescence
d. adulthood
d. adulthood

6. Prook is to library as chemical is to ______
a. shops
b. chemists
c. test tubes
d. laboratories
d. laboratories

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7. Cloth is to tailor as leather is to ______
a. gardener
b. cobbler
c. carpenter
d. painter
b. cobbler

8. Morning is to down as evening is to _______
a. night
b. darkness
c. dusk
d. nightfall

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9. Bird is to aviary as pig is to ______
a. sty
b. stable
c. kennel
d. hovel
a. sty

10. Sing is to hum as talk is to ______
a. shout
b. speech
c. mumble
d. whisper
c. mumble

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III. Given below are the movement and animals. Choose the answers from the bracket given below:

  1. Elephants ______
  2. Monkeys ______
  3. Rabbits ______
  4. Ducks ______
  5. Horses ______
  6. Lions ______
  7. Birds ______
  8. Cats ______
  9. Cocks ______
  10. Crows ______

[Stalk, waddle, prowl, amble, flit, leap, climb, trot, strut, flap, fly]

  1. amble
  2. climb
  3. leap
  4. waddle
  5. trot
  6. prowl
  7. fly
  8. stalk
  9. strut
  10. flat

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IV. Fill in the blanks with suitable collective nouns from the choices given below:

  1. A ______ of Deoole
  2. A ______ of elephants
  3. A ______ of stamps
  4. A ______ of arrows
  5. A ______ of flowers
  6. A ______ of sailors
  7. A ______ of stairs
  8. A ______ of robbers
  9. A ______ of mountains
  10. A ______ of bees.

[collection, posy, flight, throng, gang, herd, quiver, crew, swarm, range]

  1. throng
  2. herd
  3. collection
  4. quiver
  5. posy
  6. crew
  7. flight
  8. gang
  9. range
  10. swarm

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IV. Give the names of the places where the noun – subject is kept, grown or made from the answers given below:

  1. Wild animals are kept in ______
  2. Birds and animals are kept in ______
  3. Grains is stored in a ______
  4. Coins are made in the ______
  5. Wares are kept in the ______
  6. Provisions are kept in the ______
  7. Bread is made in the ______
  8. Aeroplanes are kept in ______
  9. Historical relics are kept in ______
  10. Ships are manufactured in the ______

[mint, pantry, hangars, dockyard, zoo, museum, menagerie, granary, godown, bakery]

  1. menagerie
  2. zoo
  3. granary
  4. mint
  5. godown
  6. pantry
  7. bakery
  8. hangers
  9. museum
  10. dockyard

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VII. Fill in the blanks with the cries of different animals. Choose the answers from the bracket given below.

  1. Pigs ______
  2. Sparrows ______
  3. Goats ______
  4. Ducks ______
  5. Sheep ______
  6. Apes ______
  7. Birds ______
  8. Lions ______
  9. Dogs ______
  10. Frogs ______

[gibber, bleat, roar, bark, grunt, bleat, chirp, quack, twitter, croak]

  1. grunt
  2. chirp
  3. bleat
  4. quack
  5. bleat
  6. gibber
  7. twitter
  8. roar
  9. bark
  10. croak.

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VIII. Complete the table given:

KSEEB Solutions Class 8 English Grammar (1st Language) 1

  1. boar, cub
  2. bull, cow, calf/pup
  3. cock, hen, chick, muster/murder
  4. lioness, cub, pride
  5. bull, cow, calf, flock
  6. tiger, tigress, cub
  7. dog, bitch, puppy, pack
  8. horse, mare, foat, team
  9. deer, hind, fawn, herd

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IX. Complete the following choosing the best homophones given in bracket.

  1. Eati ng too much of junk food increases the size of your ______ (waist/ waste)
  2. I always play a ______ (fare/fair) game
  3. Rama paid the bus ______ (fair/fare) to the conductor.
  4. Reshma could not ______ (bare/bear) the pain in her knee.
  5. Egg ______ (yoke/yolk) contains cholesterol.
  6. Ships ______ (sail/ sale) on water.
  7. The teacher did not _____ (here/hear) the noise.


  1. waist
  2. fair
  3. fare
  4. bare
  5. yoke
  6. sail
  7. hear

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X. Give the passive form of the following:

  1. I am eating an egg.
  2. Savitha read the book.
  3. They were playing football.
  4. Sita has eaten the fruit.
  5. It is time to close the shops
  6. Take care of the old man
  7. I saw him turning the key
  8. Sagar had read the book
  9. Was he reading the newspaper?
  10. Who teaches you English?


  1. An egg is being eaten by me
  2. The book was read by Savitha
  3. Football was being played by them
  4. The fruit has been eaten by Sita
  5. It is time for the shops to be closed.
  6. The old man should be taken care of
  7. I saw the key being turned by him.
  8. The book had been read by Sagar.
  9. Was the newspaper being read by him.
  10. By whom are you taught English.

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XI. Write these in reported form

  1. The boy said to his friend, “I write every day”.
  2. She said to me “ I have done my work”.
  3. The girl said to her friend, “I shall write a letter”.
  4. The teacher said to the students, “The earth is round”.
  5. Raghu’s father taught him, “The Ramayana is a holy book”.
  6. He said, “I cried out when I saw the thief coming”.
  7. The policeman said to us, “you must not cross the road against the red light”.
  8. He said to me, “Where are you going?”
  9. The master said to the servant, “Post the letter at once”.
  10. Raju said, “Hurrah! I have passed.”


  1. The boy said to his friend that he wrote everyday.
  2. She said to me that she had done her work.
  3. The girl said to her friend that she would write a letter.
  4. The teacher said to the students that the earth is round.
  5. Raghu’s father taught him that the Ramayana is a holy book.
  6. He said that he cried out when he saw the thief coming.
  7. The policeman told us that we must not cross the road against the red light.
  8. He asked me where I was going.
  9. The master ordered the servant to post the letter at once.
  10. Raju exclaimed with joy that he had passed.

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XII. Fill in the blanks using suitable prepositions:

  1. The book is ______ the table (on, in)
  2. Raju beat the dog ______ a stick (with, by)
  3. He throw a stone ______ the dog (in, at)
  4. My house is ______ the road (of, off)
  5. The beggar stood begging ______ the gate (on, at)
  6. He pushed his way ______ the crowd (through, from)
  7. Children should walk ______ the footpath (along, in)
  8. Rani jumped ______ the river (in, into)
  9. I joined the college ______ 26th May (in, on)
  10. My father lives ______ Delhi (at, in)


  1. on
  2. with
  3. at
  4. off
  5. at
  6. through
  7. along
  8. into
  9. on
  10. in.

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XIII. Fill in the blanks using suitable articles:

  1. ______ sunrise in the east [A, The]
  2. He struck me on ______ head [The, A]
  3. Jayanth is ______ ablest man in the town [an, the]
  4. The cow is ______ useful animal [a,an]
  5. Wisdom is ______ gift of heaven [a,the]
  6. James is ______ honorable man [a,an]
  7. This is ______ historical novel [a,an]
  8. He was ______ first man to come here [a,the]
  9. Twelve inches make ______ foot [the, a]
  10. He can play ______ flute [the,a]


  1. The
  2. the
  3. the
  4. a
  5. the
  6. an
  7. an
  8. the
  9. a
  10. the

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XIV. Fill in the blanks using the correct tense form given in bracket

  1. This book is very ______ [interested, interesting]
  2. No sooner did the train ______ at the station people rushed in [arrived, arrive]
  3. He spoke for two hours but the audience not tired [are, were]
  4. He told me that he ______sick [is, was]
  5. It is ______today [hot, hotter]
  6. Did you not ______ him yesterday?[met, meet]
  7. The earth ______ round the sun [moves, move]
  8. Hardly ______ I left the house, when it began to rain [have, had]
  9. Great emphasis has to be ______ on the building of the character of the students [lay, laid]
  10. He ______ at high present job since the day a son was born to his brother, [was working, has been working]


  1. interesting
  2. arrive
  3. were
  4. was
  5. hot
  6. meet
  7. moves
  8. had
  9. laid
  10. has been working

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XV. Given below are some idioms. Choose the most appropriate meanings.

1. To break the ice
a. a strong man
b. to start a quarrel
c. to break the awkward silence
d. to become violent
c. to break the awkward silence

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2. To draw a line
a. to fix a limit
b. to caution someone
c. to be stern
d. to insult someone
a. to fix a limit

3. To be like fish out of water
a. to be face to face with death
b. to be in a strange situation
c. to be in want of a house
d. to be determiend to live
b. to be in a strange situation

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4. My hands are full
a. I have lot of things to carry
b. I am very busy
c. am anxious
d. I am having lots of money
b. I am very busy

5. To take stock of
a. to imagine
b. to supply
c. to survey
d. to attract
c. to survey

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6. To be all eyes
a. to be cautious
b. to be amazed
c. to be non – plussed
d. watching closely and attentively
d. watching closely and attentively

7. Crocodile tears
a. hypocritical tears
b. to use something too sincerely
c. to get hysterical
d. tears due to presence of ammonia
a. hypocritical tears

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8. Raw deal
a. unjust treatment
b. unripe fruit
c. early stage of business
d. contract not yet finally decided
a. unjust treatment

9. Spick and span
a. lean and thin
b. neat and clean
c. honest and true
d. hale and hearty
b. neat and clean

10. A wild goose chase
a. foolish and useless enterprise
b. to hunt
c. a violent chase
d. to speak harshly.
a. foolish and useless enterprise

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