KSEEB Solutions for Class 8 English Poem Chapter 12 Palanquin Bearers

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Karnataka State Syllabus Class 8 English Poem Chapter 12 Palanquin Bearers

Palanquin Bearers Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes

Textbook Questions And Answers


I. Answer the following in one or two sentences each:

Question 1.
Pick out the words from the poem which describe the movement of the bride.
Sway, skim, float, spring

Question 2.
How do the palanquin bearers carry the bride?
The palanquin bearers carry her carefully and gently.

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Question 3.
Why do you think the palanquin bearers are carrying the palanquin lightly?
The palanquin bearers carry the palanquin lightly because there is the bride in it who may be emotional as she is departing from her parents’ house.

Question 4.
What are the emotions that the bearers feel as they carry the palanquin?
The palanquin bearers feel happy as they carry the palanquin.

Question 5.
Why is the bride compared to a flower and a bird?
The bride is compared to a flower as she is beautiful and to a bird as she is delicate.

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Question 6.
Explain the image in “She sways like a flower.”
The movement of the bride in the palanquin is compared to a flower that lightly moves as the wind blows.

Question 7.
Why is the bride referred to “as “a pearl on a string”?
The bride is referred to as “a pearl on a string” because she is precious.

Question 8.
Why has she been compared to a star?
She is compared to a star because she is a darling to all and is the center of attraction to all.

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Question 9.
Why do you think the poetess has used two contradictory feelings of “laugh” in the fourth line of the first stanza and “tear” in the second line of the third stanza?
The bride brings different emotions to people around her. She brings happiness to her in-laws whereas tears in the eyes of her parents as she departs them to move to her in-laws’ place.

Question 10.
Why do the palanquin bearers sing while carrying the bride? What do you think this song is about?
The palanquin bearers feel happy in carrying the bride. This song depicts the Indian tradition and moods of people involved in it.

Question 11.
The poem is full of similes. Why do you think the poet has used so many similes in the poem?
The poetess has used many similes to give more effect to her words.

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Question 12.
Pick out the rhyming words from the poem and mention the rhyme scheme.
along – song; tide – bride
stream – scream ;
sing – string
The rhyming scheme is aa, bb.

Question 13.
Pick out the examples of alliteration from the poem.
Gaily, O gaily we glide and we sing, softly – o softly we bear her along.

Question 14.
Some words and lines are repeated in the poem. Work in pairs and list the words and lines that are repeated. Why do you think the words are repeated?
Words that are repeated are:

  1. lightly O lightly
  2. gaily O gaily
  3. Softly O softly

The lines that are repeated are we bear her along like a pearl on a string. The words are repeated to make it more rhythmic and add effect to the meaning of the words.

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II. Appreciation :

a) Rhyming words:
The use of words in a poem that have the same sound, especially at the ends of the lines.
Rhyme scheme:
This refers to the way the words’ in the poem rhyme with each other.
Letters like a,b,c,d and so on are used to show the rhyming pattern.
Lines that rhyme with each other are denoted by the same letter.
eg :
“O haste thee haste!” the lady cries,
Though tempests round us gather:
I’ll meet the raging of the skies
But not an angry father”.
Rhyming words are:
cries – a
gather – b
skies – a
father – b
Therefore the rhyme scheme is a b a b.
Can you find the rhyme scheme of the poems in your text?
Pick out the rhyming words and mention the rhyme scheme of this poem:
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth.
Rhyming words :
wood – stood – could
both – growth
The rhyming scheme is and, be

b) Simile:
Similes are a way to compare two things using “like” or “as.” In a simile, one person or thing is compared to another.
eg :
If I want to say that somebody swims well, I can say that they swim like a fish because fish swims well. There are two basic patterns :

Like: verb + like + noun
eg : She looks’like an angel.
He walks like a duck.
She acts like a fool.

As : as + adjective + as + noun
eg : He is as tall as a giant.
He is as fast as a rocket.
She is as graceful as a swan.

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i. Fill in the blanks with appropriate similes from those given in brackets: (air, ice, night, snail, coal, rose, ox, lightning, butter, lamb, mouse, ditch-water, ocean, snow)

As white as _____. As wide as the ________.
As light as ________. As slow as a _________.
As cold as __________. As timid as a ________.
As smooth as ________. As dark as the ________.
As black as ________ . As strong as an ________
As quick as ________. As beautiful as a ________
As dull as________. As meek as a ________.
As white as snow
As light as air
As cold as ice
As smooth as butter
As black as coal
As quick as lightning
As dull as ditchwater
As wide as the ocean
As slow as a snail
As timid as a lamb
As dark as the night
As strong as an ox
As beautiful as a rose
As meek as a lamb

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ii. Complete these lines with similes using your imagination. One has been done as an example:
eg : When I am happy, I am as beautiful as a flower.

1. ________sad ___________________.
When I am sad, I am as dull as ditch water.

2. ________ lonely _________________.
When 1 am lonely, I am as dark as the night.

3. ________angry _________________.
When I am angry, 1 am as red as an apple.

4. ________tired _________________.
When I am tried I am as slow as a snail.

5. ________ embarassed __________________.
When I am embarassed I am as cold as ice.

6. When I am ________, I am ______________.
When I am ashamed I am as meek as a lamb.

7. When I am ________, I am ______________.
When I am excited I am as strong as an OX.

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Palanquin Bearers Summary in English

Palanquin Bearers Summary in English 1

Sarojini Naidu is popularly known as the “Nightingale of India” was a very famous poetess. In this poem, she describes how a bride feels when carried in Palanquins. The poem is full of imagery.[Similes]

The first stanza of this poem describes the movement of the bride when carried in a palanquin. Like the bride sways like a flower in the wind of the song, sung by the palanquin bearers. She skims like a bird on the foam and floats like a laugh.

In the second stanza, the poetess describes how the palanquin bearers feel and how they carry her like a pearl on a string. The last stanza describes how the bride feels when she is carried in the palanquin.

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  • sway: moving from one side to the other
  • skim: glide smoothly over something
  • foam: small bubbles
  • gaily: happily
  • dew: condensed drops of water
  • beam: ray of light
  • brow: eyebrow, top of the water (here)
  • glide: move

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