KSEEB Solutions for Class 8 English Prose Chapter 7 The Great Sacrifice

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Karnataka State Syllabus Class 8 English Prose Chapter 7 The Great Sacrifice

The Great Sacrifice Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes

I. Comprehension 

Textbook Questions And Answers

Question 1.
Why were Padma and Panna worried?
Padma and Panna were worried because everything was going wrong since the death of Rana.

Question 2. a.
Name the person who was ambitious.

Question b.
What is he compared to?
He is compared to a snake.

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Question c.
Why were the other nobles powerless against him?
The other nobles were powerless because the loyal nobles of Rana had crushed the other nobles.

Question 3. a.
What did Banbir make up his mind to do?
Banbir had made up his mind to kill the infant prince Udai Singh.

Question b.
Why had he resolved to do this?
He had resolved to do this to become the permanent rider of Mevvar.

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Question 4. a.
What did the Prince’s mother tell Panna when she was dying?
The prince’s mother had taken a promise from Panna that she would save the life of the prince and be a mother to him.

Question b.
What did Panna promise the Rani?
Panna promised the Rani that she would give her life in order to save the life of the prince.

Question 5. a.
What news did Champa bring?
Champa brought the news that Banbir was moving towards the bed chamber of prince Udai Singh.

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Question b.
What did Banbir have in his hand?
Banbir had a naked sword in his hand.

Question 6. a.
Why did Panna change the Prince’s clothes?
Panna changed the prince’s clothes to save his life.

Question b.
Where did she put him?
She put him in a basket of flowers.

Question c.
What did she cover him with?
She covered him with flowers and leaves.

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Question 7.
Whose clothes did Panna make her babywear? Whose bed did she put him in?
Panna clothed her baby with the clothes of the prince. She put him on the prince bedchamber.

Question 8.
Who did Banbir kill? Did he realize his mistake?
Banbir killed Panna’s baby. No, he did not realize his mistake.

Question 9.
What are the main qualities you appreciate in Panna? Give reasons in support of your answer.
Panna was a faithful and loyal nurse to the Rana’s of Mevvar. She kept up her promise given to the queen for which she had to sacrifice her son’s life.

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II. Read the following sentences:

1. Use the following present time expressions in meaningful situations: still, yet, now, just, eg: He has just made tea.
He hasn’t made tea yet.
He has still not made tea.
Still: She is still waiting for the bus to arrive.
Yet: I have yet to complete the notes.
Now: I just now saw the teacher leaving the class.
Just: I just now finished having my lunch.

III. Rewrite these sentences using the words given in brackets at the appropriate places:

a. The children have returned from the zoo. (just)
The children have just returned from the zoo

b. I have had a ride on a camel, (never)
I have never had a ride on a camel.

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c. We have had our lunch, (already)
We have already had our lunch.

d. Lata has sung before foreign audiences, (often)
Latha had often sung before foreign audiences.

e. I have seen the Republic Day Parade. (only once in my life)
I have seen the republic day parade only once in my life.

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IV. a. Use the present perfect tense of the verbs given in brackets and fill in the blanks to complete the sentences:

Mrs. Sharma: _________ you __________ (draw) money from the bank?
Mr. Sharma: Yes, I have.
Mrs. Sharma: Where ______ you _______ (put) it?
Mr. Sharma : (taking off his bush-shirt and throwing it on the bed) I _______ (put) it in my briefcase.
Wife: (opening the briefcase) No, you haven’t. It’s not here.
Husband: (getting worried) I put it in this pocket of the briefcase, ________ someone ________ (steal) it?
Wife: I hope you _______ not ______ (drop) it.
Husband: (getting angry) No, I am not careless. You might be careless. I very carefully counted the notes and put them in this pocket. What shall we do? 500 is a big amount.
Wife: (picking up his bush-shirt and folding it. Don’t worry. (She smiles)
Husband: We ______ (lose) 500 and you are smiling?
Wife: We ______ not ______ (lose) the money.
Husband: ______ you ______ (take) it out of my briefcase?
Wife: No, I haven’t. It was never in your briefcase.
Husband: Where is the money?
Wife: It’s here. It’s in the pocket of your bush-shirt. Now, tell me who is careless?
Husband: (heaving a sigh of relief) Pardon me, my dear, I________ (be) careless.
Wife: (smiling) Come, let’s have some tea.
Have, drawn
have, put
have put
has, stolen
have, dropped
have lost
have, lost
have, taken

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V. a. Match the words in column A with their antonyms in column B:

strong inside
like begin
end dislike
outside weak

Strong × Weak
like × dislike
end × begin
outside × inside

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b. Fill in the blanks with words from column A and add sentences using words from column B as well:

a. Don’t go ________ . It is raining.

b. The hero dies at the ________ of the him.

d. This chair is _______ .You cannot break it.

c. Fill in the blanks using the correct tense forms of the verbs given in brackets:

a. The farmers and their families _______ (be) in their fields since six o’clock in the morning. The farmers _______ (plough) their fields and their wives ________ (sow) the seeds. Their daughters ________ (put) earth on the seeds and their sons _____ (water) the fields.
are, plough, sow , put, water

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d. Rewrite the above passage in the singular form. Begin this way:

A farmer and his family ________ (be) in their field since six O’clock in the morning.
The farmer and his family are in the field since 6’o’ clock in the morning. He ploughs his field and his wife sows the seed. His daughter puts seed on the earth and his son waters the field.

e. Imagine that the above scene took place yesterday. Rewrite the passage making minor alterations where necessary:

First sentence
At 6 ‘O’ clock in the morning the farmers _______ (plough) ________
Yesterday at 6 ‘O’ clock in the morning the farmer ploughed the field. His wife sowed the seeds. His daughter put eartth on the seed and his son watered the field.

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VI. Use the correct forms of the verbs given in brackets and fill in the blanks:

a. My wife ________ (try) to get a job, but she has not succeeded yet.

b. The patient has had biscuits and has also (drink) a glass of milk.

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c. The bridegroom has ________ (decide) not to take a single paisa as dowry.

d. The farmers had ________ (know) that the sheaf of corn would fall.

e. The village Panchayat has ________ (nominate) my father as a member of the Panchayat.

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VII. Imagine that Panna has just come out of the bed-chamber and is talking to you. Complete this Paragraph.

Panna : I ________ (save) Udai Singh’s fife. I _______ (hide) him in a basket. Padma and Champa ________ (take) the basket out. Banbir ________ (kill) my innocent little baby, but I am not heart-broken. I ________ (do) my duty. I _________ (keep) my promise to the late queen.
have saved, by hiding, have taken, has killed, have done, have kept.

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The Great Sacrifice Additional Questions And Answers

I. Explain with reference to context:

Question 1.
‘Panna I have lost every thing except my precious child’.
This is taken from the lesson ‘The great Sacrifice’, this sentence is told by the dying queen (Uddai Singh’s mother) to Panna.
Context: When the king an dqueen were killed, the dying queen gave infant prince Udai Singh to Panna’s care and requests her to save the life of the prince.

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Question 2.
“He has resolved to kill the prince’.
This extract is taken from the lesson ‘The Great Sacrifice’. This statement is made by Padma one of Panna’s maid.
Context : Panna and Padma were worried about the happenings in the kingdom after the kings death. Padma informed Panna that Banbir, the half – brother of infant prince Udai Singh had evil intentions of killing the prince.

Question 3.
‘I have kept mu promise to you”.
This extract is taken from the lesson ‘ The Great Sacrifice? This sentence is told by Panna.
Context : As Baubir comes with a sword in his hand to kill prince Udai Singh, Panna quickly changes the prince clothes with her son’s puts him in a basket covers it with flowers and sends it through her minds and asks them to hide near the gate. Banbir enters the bedchamber and mistaking the baby to be Udai Singh kills him in a chocked voice.

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The Great Sacrifice Summary in English

This is a play about a faithful and dedicated nurse who sacrificed her own son to save the life of the prince and kept up her promise to the queen. This is the story that took place during the rule of Ranas of Mewar.

King Rana Singh and his queen were killed. Banbir the half brother of Udai Singh conspired to become the ruler of Mewar as Udai Singh was an infant. Banbir had killed the loyal nobles of Rana Singh and had crushed many who had raised their voice against him. There was fear and discontentment among the people. Meanwhile, Banbir had formed a party of his own and was planning to kill prince Udai Singh.

Panna was a loyal nurse of the infant prince Udai Singh. She had promised the dying queen that she would save the prince from any danger. She was also the mother of her infant son who was of the same age as that of the infant prince. Once as Panna and Padma(maid) were talking about the rule of Banbir, Champa the maid rushes to convey the message that Banbir was coming with a sword in his hand to kill prince Udai Singh.

Panna without giving a second thought wraps prince Udai Singh in her son’s clothes and puts him in a basket, covers it with flowers and sends it through Padma and Champa and asks them to wait to hide near the gates. Immediately she wraps her own son in the prince’s clothes and makes him lie down on the prince bed. Banbir hastly enters the room finds the baby on the prince bed, mistaking it to be Udai Singh kills the baby. After Banbir leaves, Panna in a chocked voice says that she has kept her promise to the mistress and has saved the life of the prince.

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  • Discontent: Dissatisfaction, unrest.
  • Resolve: Decide
  • Precious: Valuable or dear
  • Trembling: Shaking, quivering.
  • Shriek: Scream, cry out
  • Choked: Suffocated

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