1st PUC English Workbook Answers Articulation Language Functions

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Karnataka 1st PUC English Workbook Answers Articulation Language Functions

1. Starting a conversation with a Stranger
Expressions to be used:
1. Excuse me, can you check the tyres?
2. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but I do not have that
3. Excuse me asking but you are not giving me the proper information.
4. Sorry to trouble you, but the e-mail you sent is not readable.
5. I beg your pardon, but I don’t understand on which topic you are talking about.
6. Do excuse me, what is the correct train no. to go to Mumbai.?
7. Terribly cold, isn’t it?
8. Would you mind lending me your pen?
9. Hi Great party, isn’t it?
10. Forgive me for asking, but by chance if you don’t give?

Activity 1:
Fill in the blanks with suitable expressions: Meeting in a bus
Monica : Excuse me, do mind if I keep my luggage below your seat?
Shaila : Of course, at your convenience.
Monica : Thank you very much.

Activity 2:
Write a conversation of your own based on the picture below:
Student : Hello, Excuse me,can I see different types of Books?
Shopkeeper : Yes, of course

Activity 3:
Based on the picture below write a dialogue:
Patient 1 : Hi Is this the treatment weather good?
Patient 2 : Yes, I know the doctor, he is good

Activity 4:
Fill in the blanks:
Sagar : Hello ! Are you related to the Dixit’s?
Vidya : HiiNo, but I am working with WIPRO
Sagar : You are looking so handsome
Vidya : Thanks for your compliment.

Activity 5:
How do you start a conversation with different kinds of people?
1st PUC English Workbook Answers Articulation Language Functions .1

2. Making Requests

Activity 1:
Sarala asks her nephew to help her with a heavy suitcase while boarding a bus. With the help of the expressions given in the box develop a dialogue between Sarala and Naveen.
Sarala : Naveen , can you lift this suitcase
Naveen : Oh! of course
Sarala : Is it not too heavy?
Naveen : No, not at all.

Activity: 2
Mr. Keshav buys a book from a book shop. He requests the shopkeeper to gift wrap it for him.
Write conservation between them.
Shopkeeper : What can I do for you?
Mr. Keshav : I want to get this gift wrapped?
Shopkeeper : Please give your book?
Mr. Keshav : Here it is.
Shopkeeper : Wait a minute please.
Mr. Keshav : Thank you very much.

3. Expressing Gratitude
Complete the following conversations.
Old woman : Could you help me cross the road?
Young man : Certainly, please give your hands.
Old woman : Thanks

Between two friends:
Harish : Hi Prakash, how are you doing?
Prakash : I am fine Buddy. How about you?
Harish : I too. Thanks

Father and daughter:
Father : Hi, Amudha, see what I’ve
bought for you.
Amudha : What’s it dad?

Father : Oxford English Dictionary.
Amudha : Oht It’s a wonderful dictionary. Thanks dad.

A passerby and man on the street:
Passerby : Excuse me, Is there any hotel nearby?
Man : Vegetarian or non- vegetarian hotel?
Passerby : vegetarian one.
Man : Yes, there’s one in Pampa Square.
Passerby : Is that onevery far?
Man : No, no. It’s close by. Take the first right and walk a few
steps. You’ll find hotel Adithya to your Left.
Passerby : Thank you very much
How would you express your gratitude in the following situations?

A. Your bike breaks down. A passerby gives you a left Thanks a lot

B. You are travelling by train. One of the passengers moves a little and makes room for you.
Thanks / it is very kind of you

C. You have been asked to submit the filled in scholarship application form the next morning.
But you do not have certain certificates. The principal of your college gives you some more time to submit the application form, on your request. Thank you very much.

D. you are about to return home from college. It’s rather late. You realize you won’t be able to get a . bus to go back. Then one of your friends drops you home on his way back. Thanks.

B. You are waiting at a bus stop with a colleague. Someone snatches your handbag and runs away, Your colleague runs after the man and gets the handbag back. Thank you very much.

4. Complimenting and Congratulating
When would you use the following expressions?

1. What a beautiful dress you are wearing! Thanks.
2. It was great to hear that you got a distinction! Thanks a lot.
3. How smart the boy looks! It is very nice of you.
4. I would like to congratulate you on your success! Thanks a lot.
5. Let me congratulate you on your promotion as manager! So nice of you.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate expressions given in the brackets below.

(Wow’ You look great… / May I compliment you on this / May I say how….)
1. Mr. Arun : May I say how enlightening your speech was.
Principal : Thank you

2. Sneha : Wow? You look great now that you are using lenses instead of Spectacles.
Megha : Thanks

3. Ambassador: You have taken great care to beautify your city. May I compliment you on this.
Minister : Thank you.

Provide an imaginary situation for the following expressions –
1. Well done! (informal)
You are promoted as M.D.

2. Congratulations! We are proud of you (formal)
It is very nice of you.

3. May we congratulate you? ….(formal)
It is very kind of you.

4. Congrats! (informal)
Thanks a lot.

5. We are happy for you (informal)
Thank you very much.

Activity 2.
Provide suitable dialogues for the contexts given below.
1. The principal congratulates the captain of the foot ball team on winning in the state level sports meet.
Principal: I really congratulate for your success.
Captain : I am very grateful to you, sir.

2. Pushpa has got a seat in the Government Medical
College. Mr. Shridhar, her neighbor, congratulates her.
Mr. Shridhar : I must congratulate you for getting a seat in the Govt Medical College.
Pushpa : Thank you very much.

5. Apologising and responding to an Apology

Activity 1:
Formal situation – Between a boss and a sub – ordinate
Mr. Sampath : Sir, I went through the memo that was on my table last evening. I sincerely apologise for coming late to office often.
Boss : Yes. We expect you to correct yourself in future.
Mr. Sampath : I apologise once again. I’ll certainly be punctual from now on.
Boss : That’s it. This time your plea is considered. But please remember,this is the last warning.

Activity 2:
Informal situation – between a mother and daughter
Tina : Mummv. I’m extremely sorry to have kept you waiting for so long.
Mother : My dear, didn’t I tell you to come soon?
Tina : So sorry again. I thought I would complete the assignment and then come with you.

Activity 3:
Create a conversation based on the following picture
Apologising to your friend for missing his/her birthday.
Ravi : Buddy, I am so sorry that I could not attend your birthday function for I went to Hydrabad for attending my relatives marriage.
Shankar : It is ok. It was quite well If you could have attended the function.

Activity 4: .
Apologising to your teacher for misbehaving in his /her class.
Teacher : Raju, you are severely punished for misbehaving in the class.
Student : I am extremely apologising for misbehaving in the class. I will never repeat again.

6. Expressing Sympathy
Your friend had taken the Bank officer’s Examination but has failed in the examination. You enquire why he is sad and express your sympathy. Write a dialogue between you and your friend.
Kajulah : Hi! Why are you sad? Is that things ok? What has gone wrong?
Ramesh : No, I have failed in the Bank officer’s examination.
Kajulah : Don’t worry my friend. Failure is the winning step for success.
Ramesh : Thanks a lot. It really encourages me to try again. Saleem, your classmate has lost his wallet on his way to college. You sympathise with him for the loss. Write a dialogue between you and Saleem.
Danny :I am sorry to hear that you lost your wallet. But don’t worry you can make one like that.
Saleem : Yes, my dear friend I can really make the same as I did before.

3. What expressions do you use to express sympathy in the following situations?
(a) One of your friends has lost his grandfather.
I give condolences.

(b) You hear from your principal that one of your lectures has met with an accident and is hospitalised.
I am very upset to hear that

(c) On your way home, ah elderly lady tells you that a man in a red shirt has snatched away her chain.
It’s a pity.

7. Seeking Permission

Student : Sir, can I leave the college early today?
Principal : I am sorry.that’s not possible. (refuses permission)
Student : It’s an emergency sir.
Principal : Yes. permission is granted. (grants permission)

2. Ajay : Would vou please stive vour vehicle to sto to an art exhibition?
(asks Arati permission to use her vehicle to go to an art exhibition)
Arati : I don’t think I can give you my vehicle because I need to go to the dentist.
Ajay : it’s all right.

3. Rearrange the following dialogue between Henry and his class teacher to make a meaningful conversation and rewrite it in the space provided.
1st PUC English Workbook Answers Articulation Language Functions .2
Henry : Good morning. sir.
Teacher : Good morning. Is anythln the matter?
Henry : Sir. may I leave the college easy
today? I am competing In the Intercoeiate painting competition.
Teacher : Yes you may. When is the competition?
Henry : At two In the afternoon.
Teacher : Good luck.
Henry : Thank you sir.

8. IntroducIng

Meena and Rita are on their way home. They meet Meena’s friend Wilson. Meena greets him and Introduces him to Rita. Study the above picture and develop a conversation

Meena : Hello Wilson!
Wilson : Hi! Meena, How do you do?
Meena : I’m Fine. Thank you Meet my friend.
Rita who is working in Wipro.
Wilson : That’s geat.
Rita : It is nice to meet you Wilson.

Activity 1:
Complete the following dialogue between Madam and Mohan. Mohan has recently moved in as Madan’s neighbor.
Madan : Hello Mr. Mohan. How are you?
Mohan : FIne, thank you, How are you Mr. Macian?
Madan : I’m fine, thank you. We’re happy to have you as our neighbor. Do you come home sometime?
Mohan : Sure. I will come some day.
Madan : Bye.

Activity 2:
Work in pairs: imagine a situation where your father meets your Principal. Write a dialogue between them about your academic progress, where the Principal appreciates your hard work.
Father : Good morning sir,
Principal : Very good morning.
Father : I am Gopal Varma, father of Rajesh who is studying in first PU in your college.
Principal : You are Rajesh’s father. You should be proud of him.
Father : Why do you say so? How is he studying?
Principal : He is studying good. He is supposed to be first in class.
Father : It is very impressive to hear about it.

Activity 3:
Rearrange the pieces of dialogue in the boxes in meaningful order.1st PUC English Workbook Answers Articulation Language Functions .3

Deepa : Hello Geetha. You look so fresh and lively. What’s the matter?
Geetha : Hi Deepa I am practicing yoga. It makes you feel light and fresh.
Deepa : Wonderful Geetha.
Geetha : I must be leaving now. See you later Bye.
Deepa : Ok. Bye

Activity 4.
Two friends meet and discuss their achievements in the Annual sports Meet. Create a dialogue
between them and enact it in the class.

Bindra :  How do you think of our achievements in the Annual sports meet?
Chandra : Yes, truly is very impressive and victorious.
Bindra : It is very honoured to be the part of the achievement team
Chandra : I’m really glad when our principal congratulated us.
Bindra : I too felt honoured that many blessings of them and encouraged words would raise us higher.
Chandra : It is time to leave now.
Bindra : Bye.

Activity 5:
Given below is a conversation in jumbled form under three columns. Rearrange the dialogue to make a meaningful conversation and rewrite it in the space provided below.
(Lalitha and her friend Leela come. Lalitha’s father is about to leave for work)
1st PUC English Workbook Answers Articulation Language Functions .4
Lalitha : Daddy, meet my friend Leela. Leela,this is my father.
Father : Hello Leela, How are you?
Leela : I’m fine uncle.
Leela : Thank you. How are you?
Father : I’m fine Leela. Lalitha often talks about you. I’m glad I could meet you.
Lalitha : Are you in a hurry, daddy?
Father : I’m on my way to office. See you later.
Lalitha : See you daddy.
Father : See you Lalitha
Leela : See you uncle.

Activity 6:
Now practice writing similar dialogues with the help of the clues given below. Use your own surnames or names. In a group of three take turns to be A, B and C.
1st PUC English Workbook Answers Articulation Language Functions .5
Raj : Good morning.Vijay
Vijay : Very good morning Raj.
Vijay : Hi!Hanish good morning.
Hanish : Hello,good morning.
Raj : Hi! Hanish, meet my friend Vijay.
Raj : Vijay, Hanish is from Maharashtra.
Vijay : Hanish, Which part of Maharashtra you are from?
Hanish : I am from the southern part of Maharashtra.
Vijay : Raj,I should visit Maharashtra once.
Raj : I too should visit once.
Vijay : Bye Hanish,Bye Raj.
Raj : Bye,Vijay,Bye ,Hanish.
Hanish : I must be leaving now. See you later.

10. Request for Repetition

Formal Informal
I beg your pardon. I am sorry. I couldn’t hear.
Would you mind repeating? Pardon?
May I ask you to repeat? What did you say?
Sorry, I couldn’t follow.
What was that?

What would you say in each of these situations?
1. You can’t hear the other person I beg your pardon.
2. You want him / her to repeat something would you mind repeating?
3. He / she is speaking too fast Sorry, I couldn’t follow. What was that?

11. Offering to Help

Harini’s mother is sick. She couldn’t complete her assignment. Ramya offers to help.
Activity 1:
Harini’s mother is sick. She couldn’t complete her assignment. Ramya offers to help.
Harini : Ramva. since my mother is sick. I could not able to complete mv ‘ assignment.
Ramya : Can I help you?
Harini : Please, if you do the favour I would be happy.
Ramya : Of course I complete it by tomorrow

Activity 2:
At the book stall an elderly man is struggling to read and copy the titles. Sourav offers to help him.
Old man : Oh! How forgetful I am. I have left my reading glasses.
Sourav : Sir, if you don’t mind, May I help you to read the titles.
Old man :  I am so thankful to you son.
Sourav : That’s all right grandpa.
Old man : God bless you my son, very good

Activitity 3
Look at the picture. Complete the dialogue between the old woman and the young man.
Young man : Can I help you to cross the road?
Old woman : Yes, you help me please.
Young man ‘: May I hold your hands
Old woman : I am so thankful to you. so God bless you.
Young man : No need to thank me. I have done my duty.

12. Complaining

Activity 1:
Make polite complaints in the following situations.
(a) You are studying for the examination. Your neighbour’s children are playing music very
Iam sorry to say this but if you reduce the volume it would be helpful for me to read for the examination.

(b) You have bought a mobile phone but the battery is not getting charged properly.
I regret to bring to your notice that the battery which
I bought was not getting charged properly. Please change it and provide a new one.

(c) You are sitting in a restaurant to have some tea but no one attends to you.
I’m sony, but no one is attending to me.

Activity 2:
What expressions would you use to complain In the following situations?
1st PUC English Workbook Answers Articulation Language Functions .6
1st PUC English Workbook Answers Articulation Language Functions .7

13. Asking about Preferences

Activity 1:
Match the situation with the response.

(a) Your friend offers you coffee but you prefer tea.
I prefer tea to coffee.

(b) To your boss who offers you a cup of tea.
I would usually choose tea.

(c) To someone who joins in a restaurant and asks
you for your preference.
I would rather prefer coffee.

Activity 2:
Pair Work
Create a conversation based on the following picture
Customer : Excuse me! I want to book a room.
Receptionist : May I ask you fill this form please.
Customer : Is there A/C room available?
Receptionist : Yes sir, it would cost Rs.2000 per day.
Customer : No problem. Could you please tell me the room number?
Receptionist : Your room number is 5O3 and here is your key.
Customer : Thank you.
Receptionist : You are welcome sir, have a nice stay.

Activity 3:
Customer : I would like to buy a mixie.
Shopkeeper : We have all good and reliable brands.
Customer : Let me see them.
Shopkeeper : These are with three year warranty and those are with five year warranty.
Customer : I like mixie with five year warranty rather than with three year warranty.

Activity 4:
In an ongoing discussion over deciding the college working hours, the principal suggests a change to the shift system. Ai the secretary of the Students Association, how would you represent their preferences? Create a conversation.
Student Secretary : Sir, students prefer the same timing because it is very convenient for them
to come to the college.
Principal : We are forced to resort to these timings due to shortage of rooms.
Student Secretary : Students find easy coming at 8 o’clock more convenient than 9 o’clock
Convenient than the new
Principal : I am sorry. I can’t do much about it.

14. Ending a Conversation
(a) Talk to you later. I have to take my uncle to the dentist.
(b) I am sorry, but I have to go now. My uncle is waiting for me to take him to the dentist.
What is the difference between the two? Which one would you prefer? Why?
I would rather prefer be because this is more polite to end the conversation.