2nd PUC English Streams Workbook Answers Linkers

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Karnataka 2nd PUC English Streams Workbook Linkers

Linkers help us establish our ideas explicitly. They make it easy for us to compare, contrast, illustrate, define and summarize our thoughts and develop a coherent paragraph.

2nd PUC English Streams Workbook Linkers

My mother was an extraordinary person and I should speak, above all, of her kindness towards me. But I’ll tell you a secret of mine because I feel somewhat guilty for not having been a happy man in order to have given her a deserved happiness. Therefore I feel I should have been more understanding of her.

Can you identify the function of the underlined words and mention them in the space given below?

Connector Function
and 2nd PUC English Streams Workbook Linkers
in order to

addition, contrast, reason, purpose summarise
If these words are missing, you can see that the paragraph does not convey the right meaning. These words are called linkers. Linkers are words that relate one idea or sentence of the text with another.

2nd PUC English Streams Workbook Linkers

Look At The Following Table:
Study the list of linkers and their functions.

Function Link Words
Addition and, also, besides, moreover similarly, and then, what is more, such as, then, in addition (to), too, next.
Time when, while, as soon as, before, after, till, until, eventually, as long as, since
Place after, where, wherever
Reason/cause because, as, that, since.
Purpose in order that, so that, lest,
Result so, such, consequently, in conclusion, as a result, in all, thus, finally
Concession though, although, even if, however,
Manner as, as if, as though 2nd PUC English Streams Workbook Linkers
Comparison as- as, then, not so-as
Condition if, unless, supposing

Find more such linking expressions.

2nd PUC English Streams Workbook Linkers

A) Fill in the blanks with the appropriate linkers, given in the brackets.

Question 1.
Aesop is a figure, clouded in so much mystery and legend ______________ it is difficult to know ______________ can be said about him. It is also strange to believe this world-famous man was born a slave in the sixth century B.C. ______________ slaves were bought and sold frequently. Aesop’s Greek master gave him liberty ______________ he was impressed by his learning and wit. [because, that, what; when]
that; what; that; when; because.

Question 2.
Alok was happy ______________ he was selected to take part in ______________ the car race. He gladly went the race was to take place. He was given a car kit ______________ he could build the body of the car using small pieces of wood. Alok asked Abhi ______________ he would help him. Abhi refused. ______________ Alok did not give up; he set out to make the car. [where, when, so that, however, if]
when; where; so that; if; However.

2nd PUC English Streams Workbook Linkers

Question 3.
The rains had failed ______________ all the wells and tanks had run dry. ______________ overcome the problem, the municipal authorities sunk a number of bore wells. ______________ they could supply water to the citizens. ______________ the situation was brought under control. [thus, so, therefore, in order to,]
therefore; in order to; so; thus.

Question 4.
In the summer, the rumor of a famine swept through the province ______________ was a baseless one ______________ the crops were actually growing well ______________ the weather was perfect for a bumper harvest. ______________ on the strength of that rumor, thousands of small farmers abandoned their farms and fled to the cities. ______________ of this, crops failed, thousands starved ______________ the rumor about the famine proved true. [and, which, because, as a result, moreover, but]
which; and; moreover; But; As a result; and

Question 5.
Using a word processor for writing has a number of advantages. One of the biggest advantages is ______________ the writer can quickly, ______________ easily make changes in what has been written. ______________ using a type writer, it is necessary to type large parts of the passage again ______________ changes need to be made. ______________ with a word processor changes can be made with very little effort. [if, however, and, that, while]
that; and; while; if; however.

2nd PUC English Streams Workbook Linkers

Question 6.
There was a King who had one eye and one leg. ______________ he asked all the painters to draw a beautiful portrait of him. ______________ none of them could. How could they paint him beautifully with the defects in one eye and one leg? ______________ one of them agreed and drew a classic picture of the King, ______________ it was a fantastic picture and surprised everyone. He painted the King aiming for a hunt, targetting with one eye closed and one leg bent. [and, but, eventually, however]
However; But; eventually; and.