KSEEB Solutions for Class 7 English Supplementary Chapter 3 A Day’s Wait

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Karnataka State Syllabus Class 7 English Supplementary Chapter 3 A Day’s Wait

A Day’s Wait Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes

Answer these questions:

Question 1.
How old was Schatz? What disease was he suffering from?
Schatz was nine year old. He was suffering from a light epidemic of flu.

KSEEB Solutions for Class 7 English Supplementary Chapter 3 A Day’s Wait

Question 2.
What is the relationship of the author with Schatz? Which line gives you that information?
The Author is Schatz’s father you don’t have to stay in here with me, Papa, if it bothers you.

Question 3.
How many capsules did the doctor prescribe? State the purpose of each one?
The doctor prescribed three capsules. One capsule was to bring down the fever, the second was purgative, and the third one to overcome an acid condition.

Question 4.
How does the author describe nature?
Nature was bright, cold day, the ground covered with a sleet that had frozen so that it seemed as if all the bare trees, the bushes, the cut brush and all the grass and the bare ground had been varnished with ice. The creek was frozen and it was difficult to walk or stand on the glassy surface.

Question 5.
“I took the young Irish setter up the road and along a frozen creek”. Who does the young Irish Setter refer to?
The Irish setter is the young red dog.

Question 6.
Why did the writer go out of the house? What did he hunt?
The writer thought that his son has become a little better. He had also given him the prescribed capsules at eleven o’clock. He hunted 2 quails in a covey close to his house.

Question 7.
What happened at the house in the absence of the writer?
In his absence, the boy refused to let anyone come into his room.

KSEEB Solutions for Class 7 English Supplementary Chapter 3 A Day’s Wait

Question 8.
What caused Schatz panic.
Schatz was panic when the doctor told his temperature is 102.

Question 9.
How could the author convince Schatz that nothing was wrong with him?
The author removed the misconception from Schatz’s mind by telling that, it’s like miles and kilometers. That’s a different thermometer used in France, on that thermometer thirty-seven is normal, whereas the thermometer used to check here, ninety-eight is normal. It’s all the difference between Celcius and Fahrenheit.

Question 10.
What was the effect of the clarification on Schatz? Which lines tell us about the effect?
After clarification, Schatz was normal and happy. As usual, he used to be very slack and cried easily at little things that were of no importance. These are the lines which show the effect of clarification.

Question 11.
All these statements true or false:

  1. Schatz was suffering from Pneumonia – False
  2. Schatz liked his father reading to him – False.
  3. The father shot down a fox when he was hunting – False.
  4. The cat in the house accompanied his father when he went out hunting – True.

KSEEB Solutions for Class 7 English Supplementary Chapter 3 A Day’s Wait

Think and answer:

Question 1.
How was Schatz really cured? Was it by medicine or by the clarification given by his father?
Schatz was morally supported by his dad’s words. His father made him understand that no one just die because one fever and he could easily relax and get well soon, these words actually acted as medicine for schatz he slept and relaxed by next morning.

Question 2.
Why didn’t the boy allow anyone into his room?
Boy did not allow anyone as he didn’t want all others to be infected as he was infected.


You are Schatz and you have recovered from fever. Write an account of the day in your diary in about 60-80 words.
It was really a hard day to remember as I was so weak and I has almost hard to hope that I will be alive as my freinds in school had said that after 42°C, people die and I has 102°c fever, but when dad helped me in understanding the fuct that it is not just the fever which can make me die. He morally supported me so much and helped me to recover.

A Day’s Wait Summary in English

Once a year boy named Schatz was sick and was sitting by the fire. He was looking very miserable. He was having a fever. His father called a doctor. The doctor came/took his temperature which was 102° and gave him 3 types of medicine to cure the light epidemic of the flue and told there was nothing to worry if it did not cross 104°.

The father wrote the boy’s temperature down and the time to give various capsules. The father wanted to know whether the boy would like to hear a story. The boy’s face was white and there were dark circles under his eyes. He seemed very detached from whatever was going on around him.

The father read a book to him and saw that the boy was not interested in his reading. At eleven O’ Clock the father went out with his young. The ground was covered with ice and the dog was sleeping and falling. The father went to a covey of quat and killed two birds and missed five and came back pleased having found a covey close to the house.

When the father came to the house, he was told that the boy refused to let anyone come into the room. The father saw the boy cheeks flushed by fever and he was still staying at the foot of the bed as he had done earlier.

The father checked his temperature and gave his medicine and water. He asked his father whether it would do him any good. The father replied positively and started reading the book. Suddenly the boy asked his father when was he likely to die. The father was shocked and asked why was he asking that question. The doctor told 102°.

The father told people would not die on 102. He realized that the boy had been waiting to die all day ever since 9° clock in the morning.
He was confused with the two types of thermometer. In one thermometer 37° is normal and the other one which read his temperature 98° or normal.

The father told it is like miles and kilometers. The gaze at the foot of the bed relaxed slowly and the next day he was like his usual self crying for little things that were of any importance.

A Day’s Wait Summary in Kannada

A Day’s Wait Summary in Kannada 1

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KSEEB Solutions for Class 7 English Supplementary Chapter 3 A Day’s Wait