2nd PUC English Streams Workbook Answers Passive Voice

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Karnataka 2nd PUC English Streams Workbook Answers Passive Voice

Study the following sentences:

  1. This house was built last year.
  2. The dates of the summer vacation have been announced.

2nd PUC English Streams Workbook Answers Passive Voice

The above sentences focus on the action rather than on who or what performs the action. We also notice here that the sentence in active form would invoke the use of an indefinite pronoun/noun. In many instances the subject is redundant.

For instance: In official correspondence, we use expressions like

– I am directed to inform you
– You are informed to

Sometimes a sentence in the passive form is more polite in tone.
e.g. Can the books be removed from the table?

The passive form expresses an action performed upon the subject.
eg. The children were treated to an ice-cream.

The passive is generally used in science, factual and journalistic writing where the process or procedure is described. _

  1. Comet Linear will be visible in the Northern hemisphere this month. Since it is referred to as the morning comet, it is usually seen around 5.30 am in the eastern sky.
  2. Milk is first collected from nearby towns and villages and then it is delivered to a large processing plant. After it is tested, it is pasteurized at a temperature of 72°C. Further, it is cooled and packed in poly bags. Finally, it is supplied to milk booths and sold.
  3. Before the arrival of the monsoon pits are dug, manure is put in and the pits are loose. sealed with soil; During the rains, saplings are planted.
  4. Igneous rocks are called fire rocks and they are formed when volcanoes erupt, causing the magma to rise above the earth’s surface. When magma appears above the earth, it is called lava. Igneous rocks are formed as the lava cools above ground.

2nd PUC English Streams Workbook Answers Passive Voice

For example:
The students were taken on a picnic to Jog falls. They were asked to report at 7.00 am. The driver of the bus was instructed to drive cautiously. Finally, the bus left at 7,30a.tn. The students were warned not to go near the falls. Breakfast was served on the bus. They had a let of fun and returned at 6.00 pm.

In the above paragraph we notice that the focus is on the course of the picnic. The agent is not important but the emphasis is on the action itself.

Fill in the blanks with an appropriate form of verbs in the paragraphs given in bracket.

Question 1.
The train was on fire. Several people _______ (kill). The injured _______ (shift) to hospital. The reason for the fire was unclear. A committee _______ (appoint) to investigate the cause for the fire.

  1. were killed;
  2. were shifted;
  3. was appointed

2nd PUC English Streams Workbook Answers Passive Voice

Question 2.
A function _______ (organize) to honour the eminent scientist professor CNR Rao. He _______ (confer) the Bharat Ratna. Several dignitaries _______ (invite) for the function. Many of his former students and acquaintances _______ (expect) to attend. Elaborate arrangements, _______ (make) for the function

  1. was organised;
  2. was conferred;
  3. were invited;
  4. were expected;
  5. were made.

2nd PUC English Streams Workbook Answers Passive Voice 1

Question 3.
Saving water is very important. Rain water, being the purest form available, efforts _______ (should, make) to harvest it, The basic purpose of water harvesting is to conserve water. This _______ (can, do) by collection in a ground reservoir. The rooftop harvesting process is quite simple and doesn’t cost much. First the roof top _______ (be, clean), an underground pipe _______ (be, insert) and linked to the rooftop as well as the underground reservoirs. Then the water _______ (be, filter) before it reaches the underground reservoir.

  1. should be made;
  2. can be done;
  3. has to be cleaned;
  4. should be inserted;
  5. has to be filtered.

2nd PUC English Streams Workbook Answers Passive Voice

Question 4.
The bull _______ (tie) to the tree outside Gafur’s house. It _______ (see) by the priest Tarkaratna, who was coming from the zamindar’s house. Gafur _______ (blame) by the priest for starving the bull. Tarkaratna _______ (send) by the zamindar to talk to-Gafur. The rent for the hut _______ (not pay) by Gafur. The priest told him that if ne did not pay it within three days, he _______ (ask) to leave the hut.

  1. was tied;
  2. was seen;
  3. was blamed;
  4. was sent;
  5. was not paid;
  6. will be asked.

2nd PUC English Streams Workbook Answers Passive Voice