Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 3 with Answers (1st Language)

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Karnataka State Syllabus SSLC English Model Question Paper 3 with Answers (1st Language)

Time: 3 Hours
Max Marks: 100

I. Four alternatives are given for the following questions. Choose the correct answer and write it along with ‘ its alphabet. ( 6 × 1 = 6 )

Question 1.
‘Till it bore an apple bright’.
The figure of speech in the line is
A) Simile
B) Metaphor
C) Allusion
D) Alliteration
B) Metaphor

Question 2.
You have read Anne’s Frank’s Diary, _____
The appropriate question tag to be added is
A) have you?
B) had you?
C) haven’t you?
D) you have?
C) haven’t you?

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 3 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 3.
I saw a boy who was crying
The underlined group of word is
A) a noun clause
B) an adverb clause
C) an adjective clause
D) a main clause
D) a main clause

Question 4.
I will not talk to him, he applogizes for what he did
The appropriate conjunction to filled in the blank is
A) until
B) while
C) because
D) unless
A) until

Question 5.
I left my books in the class, I will have to _____ and get it.
The correct phrasal verb to be filled in the blank,
A) go down
B) go up
C) go back
D) go off
C) go back

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 3 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 6.
Put another plate on the table. A friend of mine _____ to lunch.
The appropriate verb form to be filled in the blank is
A) is going to come
B) is coming
C) will be coming
D) must be
B) is coming

II. Observe the relationship in the first pair of words and complete the second pair accordingly in the following : ( 4 × 1 = 4 )

Question 7.
Fare : Fair :: Loose :

Question 8.
Successful: unsuccessful ::wrap :

Question 9.
Jostle : push :: wrath :

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 3 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 10.
Rain : pain :: release :

III. Rewrite as directed: ( 3 × 1 = 3 )

Question 11.
Change the voice of sentence :
The two countries are signing a treaty.
A treaty is being signed by the two countries.

Question 12.
Frame a question to get the underlined words as answer :
I am 18 years old
How old are you?

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 3 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 13.
Change to reported speech :
Oh! what a beautiful bird.
He exlaimed that it was a very beautiful bird.

IV. Answer the following questions in a sentence each : ( 4 × 1 = 4 )

Question 14.
What does Basavanna compare his body to?
Basavanna compares his body to a shrine.

Question 15.
When, according to Gandhi, can we regard ourselves to have stepped on to the moral road?
When we all care only for what out- conscience says, then alone can we be regarded to have stepped on to the moral road.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 3 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 16.
When does simple living become a moral?
Simple living becomes a moral when the wealthy think of all the wants and misery in the world and live a plain simple life and not one of ease and luxury.

Question 17.
Whom does the poet refer to as ‘elfin pinnace’.
The boat that he stole.

V. Answer the following questions in two – three sentences each : ( 7 × 2 = 14 )

Question 18.
How was Lochinvar greeted by the bride’s lather when he entered the Netherby Hall ?
When Lochinvar entered the Netherby Hall, the bride, Ellen’s father was alarmed and stood up with his hand gripping his sword. He asked Lochinvar whether he came there in peace or with an intention of war, or to dance at the bridal.

Question 19.
Why didn’t Ellen’s father suspect Lochinvar’s intentions?
Lochinvar’s boldly went to Ellen’s wedding. When he was confronted by the bride’s father, he cunningly tells him that it was true that he had been in love with his daughter, But was denied the opportunity to marry her. Now his love for her is diminished. He had only come to the wedding to drink a cup of wine at the marriage feast.

He claimed that many beautiful maidens who are far more beautiful than Ellen would open-heartedly come to be become his bride. These words of Lochinvar convinced Ellen’s father and he never suspected Lochinvar’s real intentions.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 3 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 20.
How is the human body compared to a temple? Why is the speaker comparing the human body to a temple?
The legs of the human body are compared to the pillars that are found in the temple. The body houses the soul which is a part of God, hence it is a shrine. Every temple has a Cupola on top of its tower and so the head becomes the Cupola.

The human body houses the soul which is actually a part of God. Just as the God’s idol is housed in a temple, the soul is housed in the body, hence the comparison is made thus.

Question 21.
What makes Pierre say that the eels “give themselves up to Gaultier”? What dot s it tell you about the baker?
Pierre implies to say that M. Gaultier was such a prof Sessional baker that even the eels would give themselves up to him, amazed and charmed at his skill in baking.

Question 22.
How does Gandhi illustrate that an action is moral which is done only for the sake of doing good?
He cites the example of St. Francis Xavier, who prayed passionately to God, that his mind might always remain pure. FOE him devotion to God was not for enjoying a higher seat after death. He prayed because it was man’s duty to pray.

Question 23.
Bring out the humor in this comparison of Boone’s stomach and the Spanish Galleon.
The writer humourously compares the cricket ball striking Boone’s midriff to a red- hot cannon ball striking a Spanish galleon. He describes the sound that came when the ball struck Boone’s large stomach to the sound of a drumstick striking upon an insufficiently stretched drum.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 3 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 24.
How did Ellen express her love towards Lochinvar?
Ellen kissed the goblet: a drinking vessel with a foot and a stem: while Lochinvar took it up. He quaffed off: drink deeply or drain in long draughts: then he threw down the cup. Ellen blushed as she looked down and sighed when she looked up. Though tears came to her eyes, yet she smiled with loving lips.

But before her mother could bar her any further, he took her soft hand and told her that both of them should tread a measure: the factor of love by which both are reckoned with.

VI. Rewrite as directed. ( 3 × 2 = 6 )

Question 25.
Change the following sentence to a compound and complex sentence
The old man being weak could not walk properly
Compound : The old man was weak therefore he could not walk property.
Complex : The old man could not walk properly because he was weak.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 3 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 26.
Change the following sentence to the ‘ other two degrees of comparison :
Dogs are more faithful than all other animals
Positive : No other animals are as faithful as dogs.
Superlative : Dogs are most faithful of all animals.

Question 27.
Combine the following sentences using ‘so’
The box is heavy. I cannot lift it.
The box is so heavy that I cannot lift it.

VII. Answer the fallowing questions in 5-6 sentences each : ( 6 × 3 = 18 )

Question 28.
At the opening cermony of Pasteur Institute in Paris, Louis Pasteur talked about the opposing laws. Which are the laws? Which one did he favour?
At the opening of the Institute Pasteur in Paris in 1888, Pasteur stated that two opposing laws seemed to him to be in contest against each other. One was the law of blood and death which gave to the world each day new methods of destruction forcing nations to be always ready for the battle. The other law was the law of peace, work and health.

Its aim was to deliver man from the disasters which surrounded him. Whereas the first law encouraged violent conquests, the second law sought relief to mankind. Pasteur was sure that science would obey the law of humanity and would always labour to enlarge the frontiers of life.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 3 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 29.
Explain the comparisons used by William Shakespeare to describe his aging body.
There are four seasons in a year, spring, summer, autumn and winter. The poet Shakespeare believes himself to be in the autumn season, the autumn season is the third season before winter sets in. The poet implies that he is in his old age before he would eventually die.

Similarly, there are four stages in a day, morning, noon, evening and night. The Poet compares himself to the evening stage of the day before night falls.

Again he uses the image of fire which comprises of four stages i.e., the fuel, flame, embers and ash. He states that he is at the ember stage i.e., when the fire eventually dies and forms ashes.

All these comparisons correspond to the various stages in a human being i.e, childhood, youth, oldage and death. He imagines himself to be in his old age.

Question 30.
The narrator tried his best to impress that he was normal sighted during his encounter with the girl. Illustrate.

  • Described – hills of Mussoorie
  • Covered with dahlias – delicious sun.
  • Roads are quiet almost deserted.
  • Asked her to look out of the window – the trees seemed moving
  • Remarked that she had an interesting face.

Question 31.
What was John Silver’s treacherous plan? How did Jim come to know about it ?

  • Long John Silver and teacherously planned to kill the skipper, the squire and the doctor once the treasure was found. He would be helped by the ship’s coxswain to carry out the plan.
  • One evening when Jim went looking for an apple, finding the apple barrel nearby empty he climbed right into it and over heard the conversation.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 3 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 32.
O. Henry’s stories often blend humor and pathos. The description of the card bearing Jim’s name is an example of this. Can you identify one more example from ‘The Gift of the Magi’?
It is humourous to imagine that a poor man like Jim can be the envy of a rich king like king Solomon, with his only prized possession, a gold watch., which is a heirloom of Jim’s family.

At the same time it is pathetic that Jim sacrificed his family heirloom to buy the expensive, be jewelled, tortoise shell combs for his beloved wife, Della. While, Della had sold her beautiful knee length brown hair for twenty dollars to buy Jim the Platinum fob chain for his golden watch.

Question 33.
The hopes of the village fell with the resounding fall of their three champions. How?
The scores between the English team and the village team was level and there was one wicket to fall. The village team was batting and the blacksmith was the last man in. The first ball he relieved he lashed at wildly straight up into the air. He forgot that he had sprained his leg and the baker was running on his behalf. He called out to Joe, the batsman at the other end and forgot his pain and started running.

Joe ran with his head raised high looking at the hovering ball over his head. The stand – in runner, the baker also started running. All the three were running looking upwards at the hovering ball. Half – way down the pitch the three met with a magnificient clang and fell down upon each other. This dashed the hopes of the village.


“Why do they make good neighbours?”
These lines are taken from the poem ‘Mending Wall’ by Robert Frost. The poet Robert Frost is in a mishievions mind because it is spring time. He would always ask his neighbour why they needed a wall between their houses and his neighbour would always reply ‘Good fences make good neighbour’s.

But the poet is of the opinion if there are good neighbours then why is there a need for a good fence. He wonders if he could put this notion in his neighbours mind that ‘Why do they make good neighbours if they are not friendly and build a wall to keep one self away from their neighbours.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 3 with Answers (1st Language)

VIII. Explain with reference to the context: ( 5 × 3 = 15 )

Question 34.
“In me thou see’st the twilight of such day
As after sunset fadeth in the wes”
These lines occur in Shakespeare’s sonnet ‘That Time of Year’. The speaker is addressing a friend who loves him. The poet says that if the friend wants c know his present state he should imagine to twilight of a day as the sun has set and the light is fading in the west.

Very soon black night envelop the world and all people go to select the same way, the poet’s life which may be compared to a day, is nearing its end. Death is approaching just as night takes over from twilight. Death is but endless sleep. That is why the poet refers to it as ‘Death’s second self’. All people, at last, have to be sealed up in death. It is the eternal rest.

The approach of the end of the day symbolizes the approach of the end of life. Instead of describing the old age of a person ‘directly, the poet describes twilight. It is a metaphorical way of making a statement. The sonnet then refers to the love of the friend to whom it is addressed. Love which can continue even into the beloved’s old age is of great value indeed. .

Question 35.
“I brought a wrong man into this paradise”.
This sentence is taken from the lesson ‘A wrong man in Workers ‘Paradise’ written by Sri Rabindranath Tagore. This was spoken by the aerial messenger to the elders in the Workers’ Paradise’.

While sending the artist to – some place in the Heaven, the aerial Messenger sent him to Workers’ Paradise by mistake the man turned the busy, bustling people there into idlers and painters. The elders did not know the reason and called for a meeting. Then the aerial messenger came there and uttered these words.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 3 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 36.
“The future,” he said, “will belong to those who shall have done the most for suffering humanity.”

  • Louis Pasteur, Conqueror of disease – E. H. Carter.
  • On Pasteur’s 70th Birthday jubilee was celebrated – like a national festival
  • Crowded meeting in the great hall of the University of Paris, the old man was too overcome to speak
  • His speech was read out – distinguished audience by his son – above line was read out

Question 37.
“What have I done to keep in mind, My debt to her and womankind ?”
These lines are taken from the poem ‘C.L.M’ by John Macefield. The poet feels guilty because he thinks that he is in debt to his mother and all women kind for the suffering they undergo when bearing their children and raising them. Inspite of all the hardship they undergo nobody appreciates their worth.

They are abused, oppressed, humiliated and dominated by men. So the poet is questioning himself as what he has done to thank them for their sacrifice and also to stop the oppression and humiliation the are subjected by men.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 3 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 38.
“Why not send someone back for it?”
Lesson : The Pie and the Tart
Author : Hugh Chesterman
Said by Marion to her husband, M. Gaultier, the famous baker of Paris. M. Gaultier was going to dine with the mayor. He thinks of taking the eel pie which he had baked last monday for the dinner. But he feels that it is below his dignity to be seen carrying the eel pie through the streets of Paris. He asks his wife if she would bring it for him after he leaves for the mayor’s house. Marion declines saying that she had too much work to run errands and suggests him to send someone for it.

IX. Quote from memory: ( 1 × 4 = 4 )

Question 39.
He staid not for brake, and he stopp’d not’ for stone.
He swam the Eske river where ford there was none
But ere he alighted at Netherby gate
The bride had consented, the gallant came late


And it grew both day and night
Till it bore an apple bright
And My foe beheld it shine
And he knew that it was mine.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 3 with Answers (1st Language)

X. Answer the fallowing questions in seven to eight sentences each : ( 3 x 4 = 12 )

Question 40.
Explain how the hopes of the village, of winning the cricket match, fell with the resounding fall of their three champions.
The hopes of the village, of winning the cricket match; fell with the resounding fall of their three champions because they committed blunder after blunder during the match. The blacksmith had .sprained his ankle. The baker was running on his behalf. After the Blacksmith had struck the ball hard, he got exited and forgot about his injured ankle and that he had a runner. He set off to run to the other end.

His runner, the baker also started off after him. The postman at the other end also started running. So there were three batsman running for the run. Joe ran with his head thrown back; eyes on the ball. The blacksmith and the baker too ran with their heads turned upwards and backwards. Halfway down the pitch, the three met with a clang and had a resounding fall and with them, the hopes of the village of winning were dashed.

Question 41.
Write on Gandhiji’s comments on actions prompted by motive of happiness in another world.
An action prompted by the motive of material gain here on earth is non-moral, so also another done for considerations of comfort and personal happiness in another world is non-moral. That action is moral which is done only for the sake of doing good. A great Christian, St. Francis Xavier, passionately prayed that his mind might always remain pure. For him devotion to God was not for enjoying a higher seat after death. He prayed because it was man’s duty to pray.

The great Saint Theresa wished to have a torch in her right hand and a vessel of water in her left so that with the one she might bum the glories of heaven and with the other extinguish the fires of hell, and men might leam to serve god from love alone without fear of hell and Without temptation of heavenly bliss. To preserve morality thus demands a brave man prepare to face even death. Those who do good out of fear and haltingly have no moral virtue.


How did Anne’s Diary open the eyes of Germans to the viciousness of racial persecution?
The leading actors of the play received dozens of letters form the audience who had seen the play. A Nazi soldier had written “I was a good Nazi, but I never knew what it meant until the other night”. The entire classes of German school children signed letters and sent them to Otto Frank, telling him that Anne’s dairy had opened their eyes to the viciousness of racial presecution.

In West Berlin an Anne Frank Home was opened, devoted to social work for young people. The people of Berlin had chosen her name “to symbolize the spirit of racial and social tolerance” Elsewhere in Germany an organisation was set up; named after Anne Frank, to combat remaining restiges of Anti-Semitism. In Vienna, money was collected for Anne Frank forest, to be planned in Israel. In march 1957, 2000 students of Hamburg peddled on bikes for 120 kms in lashing rain, to mass graves in Bergen – Belsen, where Anne Frank was buried and laid flowers on the mass graves.

Standing in front of one of the mass graves, a seventeen – year – old school girl expressed what all felt. “Anne Frank was younger than we are when her life was horribly ended. She had to die because others had decided to destroy her race. Never again among our people mush such a diseased and inhuman hatred arise.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 3 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 42.
What were the effects of moving the boat, without the owner’s permission, on the mind of the poet?
The poet describes his strange experience during his childhood. When he stole and took an unknown shepherd’s boat onto an unfamiliar lake. Suddenly he realized that it was an act of stealing and his joy and thrill of adventure was, troubled by a sense of guilt. When the boat moved on, there came echoing sound of warning from the mountains. That’s why the poet was guilty of his act of moving the boat is an act of stealth.

The poet stealthily returns the boat back to her usual mooring place at in the willow tree in a cave. He walks back home through the meadows in a grave and serious mood. But the spectacle of the huge peak towering behind him lingered in his mind for many days. His mind was filled with no other thought but of the huge peak.

He could recall no other shapes, nor the pleasant images of trees, sea or sky or the colours of green fields. His every thought and imagination was filled with the huge and mighty lifeless forms of the huge peaks, which moved slowly through his mind like living men, during the day. And every night these huge forms troubled him in his dreams.


How is the sense of guilt and ingratitude of the son brought out in the poem C.L.M?
The poet John Masefield recalls the sacrifices made by his mother which has now made him a man. He feels sad that his mother cannot see him now because she was dead. Even if she were to come alive* from the grave they would not be able to recognise each other. The poet regrets that he has not repaid the debt to his Mother for bringing him to life inspite of all the suffering and pain, she had to undergo while giving him birth.

The poet feels a sense of guilt he has not been able to repay her and also to women in general. The poet thinks that he is also to blame for the fact that men are considered superior to women for he has not done anything about it. The poet does not want his mother to come alive as he is ashamed to show his face to her.

XI. 43. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below : 1 × 4 = 4 ( 2 × 2 )

About a decade ago, Luis Alvarez, a Nobel Prize winner and his son Walter Alvarez, a geologist shocked the world with a new theory to explain why the dinosaurs disappeared from the face of the earth. They claimed that an asteroid, 10 kms wide, thundered into the earth 66 million years ago making large number of animals including the dinosaurs extinct.

Scientists have proposed many theories for the dinosaur’s extinction. These include volcanic eruptions, vast forest fires, and acid rain.

Questions :
A. Who shocked the world with a new theory to explain the extinction of dinosaurs from the earth ?
Luis Alvarez, a Nobel Prize winner and his son Walter Alvarez, a geologist.

B. What did they advocate ?
Scientists have proposed many theories for the dinosaur’s extinction. These include volcanic eruptions, vast forest fires, and acid rain.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 3 with Answers (1st Language)

XII. 44. Write an essay of about 18-20 sentences on any one of the following topics: ( 1 × 5 = 5 )

a) Measures to improve road safety
Everyday many people are involved in road accidents. Some are killed. Many more are injured of maimed. So it is important for us to learn to use the roads properly and safely. As the roads are very busy nowadays*we should be very careful when crossing one. It is safer to use a pedestrian crossing or an overhead bridge wherever one is available. Never cross a road by dashing across it. That is inviting trouble.

If there are no crossings, then we must look carefully right and left and cross only when it is safe to do so. It is important that we do not try to get on or off a bus while it is still moving. Using a bicycle can be dangerous too. We must pay attention on the road and never cycle too far out to the middle of the road. We must obey all traffic rules. Also we must make sure our bicycles are in good condition with working brakes, lights etc. These are some things we can do to avoid accidents.

The important thing is to stay alert at all times while using the roads. We must know what is happening around us. In that way we can take necessary action to avoid danger whenever we see one. Road safety is very much up to how we use the roads. Use them carefully and we may be able to use them for a long time.

b) Role of children in preventing corruption
Children are the future citizens. If you take historical evidences, children of all community have played a significant role in the upgradation of the society. They are innocent, yet to learn the crookedness of an adult. If handled and guided carefully, they can indeed form a firm foundation for a strong, sincere society. They can organize groups to fight corruption and can take oath that they would not indulge in such heinous activities.

They can use their knowledge for the benefit of the society and work sincerely for the benefit of the poor. Their youth and energetic nature could be used for bringing massive changes in the present corrupt ridden minds.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 3 with Answers (1st Language)

XIII. 45. Imagine you are Rakesh / Raksha studying in Govt High School, Udupi and write a letter to the local government of your area, asking for their assistance in your efforts in keeping your school surrounding clean. ( 1 x 5 = 5 )

11 Dec…..

Rakesh (class x)
Govt High School

The Panchayath officer
Udupi taluk.

(Sub : seeking assistance to keep the school surroundings clean)
Dear sir,
I am a student of government High school, Udupi. I am representing all the students of my school while writing this letter to you. We have a persisting problem regarding the unclean surroundings of our school. Though our teachers have encouraged us to clean our school surroundings once a week, our efforts are in vain as the households dump their garbage beside our school compound and the panchayat does not regularly lift the garbage.

After a few days unpleasant smell starts emanating from the garabge mounds, have become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and their menance, dogs which come to scavenge on the garbage chase us menancingly and many students have been bitten by them. After the school hours, some anti – social persons carry out dubious activites inside the school premises.

Liquor bottles, condoms, cigarette butts will be strewn about in the school premises. I eamstly plead with you to inspect and take action to stop these activities. So that we can study in a more healthy and peaceful place.
Thanking you.

Yours sincerely
Rakesh (class x)
Govt high school, Udupi.


Write a letter to your father telling about your preparation for tests and exams.

11 Dec

My dear papa,
I hope you are in good health over there. I feel sad that had to go to Mysore on transfer. I really miss you. I am eagerly waiting to join you in the holidays. In your letter last week you had asked we to write to you regarding how I am preparing for my S.S.L.C Annual exams. I am studying seriously for the exams. I have prepared a time – table for my studies and following them earnstly. I study from 6.00 pm to 10:00pm everyday. I have finished studying languages and social studies.

I need to work upon mathematics and general science. I have assigned two hours daily for studying these subjects. I have revised almost all lessons, in both the subjects. In the last weeks tests my grades have gone up. I have secured 90 – 95 marks in all the subjects. I hope to raise my grades further and will study harder. I hope you are happy with my progress. I love you papa. I will eagerly wait for you next letter.

Your loving son,