Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 4 with Answers (1st Language)

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Karnataka State Syllabus SSLC English Model Question Paper 4 with Answers (1st Language)

Time: 3 Hours
Max Marks: 100

I. Four alternatives are given for the following questions. Choose the correct answer anti write it along with its alphabet. ( 6 × 1 = 6 )

Question 1.
‘Love swells like the Solway but ebbs like its tide’. The figure of speech here is.
The figure of speech in the line is
A) Metaphor
B) Simile
C) Personification
D) Alliteration
B) Simile

Question 2.
You are getting down at Mussorie, _______
The appropriate question tag to be added is
A) do you?
B) don’t you
C) are you
D) aren’t you
D) aren’t you

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 4 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 3.
I went to see what had happened
The underlined group of word is
A) a noun clause
B) an adverb clause
C) an adjective clause
D) a main clause
A) a noun clause

Question 4.
The staff co – operated _____ the management to increase production.
The appropriate preposition to be filled in the blank is
A) with
B) for
C) by
D) to
A) with

Question 5.
This encouraging explanation has given him the will to ____ with his duties with enthusiasm.
The correct phrasal verb to be filled in the blank is
A) catch up with
B) carry on
C) call in
D) call up
B) carry on

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 4 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 6.
The boys ___ for a picnic. They are not here.
The appropriate verb form to be filled in the blank is
A) had gone
B) were gone
C) have gone
D) are going
C) have gone

II. Observe the relationship in the first pair of words and complete the second pair accordingly in the following : ( 4 × 1 = 4 )

Question 7.
Satisfied: Dissatisfied:: Satisfactory:

Question 8.
Archer : Archery:: carpenter :

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 4 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 9.
Weak : week :: seen :

Question 10.
Kidneys : urologist:: Nerves :

III. Rewrite as directed : ( 3 × 1 = 3 )

Question 11.
Change the voice of sentence :
A fire destroyed the whole village.
The whole village Was destroyed by a fire.

Question 12.
Frame a question to get the underlined words as answer :
He is playing in the garden.
Where is he playing?

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 4 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 13.
Change to reported speech :
She said, “Be quiet. The baby is sleeping”.
She asked me to be quiet because the baby was sleeping.

IV. Answer the following questions in a sentence each : ( 4 × 1 = 4 )

Question 14.
What did Drona seek from Buttoo as recompense?
Buttoo’s right – hand thumb.

Question 15.
What is the supreme happiness that Louis Pasteur talks about?
The supreme happiness is” the contribution in some measure to the progress and welfare of humanity.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 4 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 16.
What is the single mean act of Daniel Webster that is mentioned by Gandhi?
Daniel Webster’s mean act was that he sold his intellectual integrity for a price.

Question 17.
When does the mending of the wall takes place.
The mending of the wall takes place in spring.

V. Answer the following questions in two – three sentences each : ( 7 × 2 = 14 )

Question 18.
How does the poet contrast the deaths of the male and tire female cranes?
In the poem ‘To a pair of Sams Cranes’ The poet describes that the male Sams Crane was shot in the neck by the hunters. When it fell dead to the ground, the hunters callously picked up the bird by its broken neck and stuffed it into a coarse bag as if they were stuffing dirty clothes into a laundry bag. The female Crane saw its mate’s death. It was filled with a sorrow she had never experienced.

It circled the sky as if saying grace to her male partner. When the killers went away, she came to the spot where its mate was shot dead and cried in dots and pits. She kissed a few feathers lying there with her beak and sat on then as if she wanted to hatch the blood stained feathers, and bring him back to life. She sat on the feathers and pinned away to her death.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 4 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 19.
Why does the writer say that the model of development based on consumerism is suicidal?
The writer say’s that the model of development based on consumerism is suicidal, because any modal of development based on simulating high consumption life – styles through aggressive advertising and limitless market expansion is not only unsustainable but also highly dangerous for the well – being of humanity. The price paid in ecological terms will make it the most suicidal enterprise the human race has ever embarked upon.

Question 20.
What arguments does Gandhiji give to justify that a moral act should be free from fear and compulsion?
It is only a selfish, and not moral, of an employer to sympathize with his employees or to pay them higher wages lest they leave him. It would be moral if the employer wished well of them and treated them kindly realizing how he owed his prosperity to them. This means that for an act to be moral it has to be free from fear and Compulsion.

Question 21.
What thrills the present day Indian shoppers?
Brightly lit shopping centers overflowing with all kinds of goods and baubles have sprouted up all over the country, even in the smaller towns. At last, say thrilled shoppers, we are beginning to get the kind of choice that people in the West have enjoyed for a long time.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 4 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 22.
Why does Indra offer a boon to Karna?What is the boon?
After accepting the gift, he praised Kama as having done what no one else would do, and shamed into generosity, bade Kama ask for any boon he wanted. He granted, his weapon the Shakti which was a very powerful weapon.

Question 23.
How does Jim manage to escape to the island?
Jim hid himself aboard the boat that rowed ashore, and as soon as the coast was clear, made a run for the shelter of the nearby undergrowth. He was delighted that no one appeared to have seen him, and soon began to enjoy the unfamiliar feeling of being all on his own.

Question 24.
What other lies does Lochinvar tell Ellen’s father?
Lochinvar boldly replied that he long wooed the Lord’s daughter, his rightful suit was denied. The love that swells like the Solway, but ebbs: like its tide: declining like the movement of the tide out to the sea: and now he has come with his love lost only to lead for but one measure and that is to drink one cup of wine, at the marriage feast. For in truth there are still many beautiful maidens in Scotland who are more beautiful than the fair Ellen, who would open heartedly become a bride for him.

VI. Rewrite as directed. ( 3 × 2 = 6 )

Question 25.
Change the following sentence to a simple and complex sentence
The culprit ran away otherwise he would have been arrested.
Simple : The culprit ran away to escape his arrest.
Complex : The culprit escaped being arrested by running away.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 4 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 26.
Change the following sentence to the other two degrees of comparison :
Tennyson is one of the greatest poets in English
Positive : Few other poets in English are as great as Tennyson.
Comparitive : Tennyson is greater than most other poets in English.

Question 27.
Combine the following sentences using neither / nor
He is a fool. He is a madman.
He is neither a fool nor a madman.

VII. Answer the following questions in 5-6 sentences each : ( 6 × 3 = 18 )

Question 28.
What does the writer say about the rain – fed tanks?
One of the most remarkable facts about water is its power to carry silt in suspension.
This is the origin of the characteristic colour of the water in rain fed tanks. The soil formed by silt thus deposited is very fertile. The flow of water can also play a destructive part and wash away the soil which is the foundation of all agriculture. If it is allowed to proceed unchecked, it will show the most disastrous effects on the life of our country.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 4 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 29.
How was Ben left marooned on the island.
Ben had returned on another ship to look for the treasure three years back, but when they could not find it, his shipmates left him marooned on the island.

Question 30.
How does Sir C. V. Raman show that water is the real elixir of life ?

  • Every animal, plant contains water in its body.
  • No physiological activity possible
  • Moisture of soil is essential for plants and trees
  • Agriculture depends on water
  • Production of hydro-electricity
  • Inland waterways.

Question 31.
Why does the writer call the catchy phrase ‘shop till you drop’ apt and ironic.
According to the writer the catchy phrase ‘Shop till you drop is catchy and also ironic. The consumer goods companies spend huge amounts of money on advertisements to persuade people to become buying machines incapable of judging how much of the items they buy are really needed by them.

It ironic that shopping now is a form of entertainment rather than a need. People spend nearly half their leisure time, shopping. People consider that they are heading a good – life by the measure of the abundance of materials in their possession.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 4 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 32.
‘This thou perceiv’st _____
_____ere long’
How is this couplet a fitting conclusion to the three quakruins?
The poet characterizes the nature of what he percives to be his old age. He tells his dear friend that his age is like that ‘time of year’ – late autumn, when the trees are bereft of leaves and singing birds. His age is like late twilight and before long the remaing light will slowly extinguish to give way to darkness.

The poet compares himself to the glowing remnants of a fire which lies on the ashes of his youth i.e., on the ashes of the logs that once enabled it to bum and which will be extinguished to ashes, whichits own buring had created.

The poet tells his friend, a young man that he must perceive these things. Which would make his love more strong. Shakespeare wishes that his friend perceives that life is short and hence love must to strong, and the intensity of love will grow with time.

Question 33.
Why didn’t the fellow Cyclops help Polyphemus when he cried out for help?
Ulysses had cunningly told the Cyclop that his name was Noman. When they drove the burning stake into the Cyclops eye he woke up and roared with the pain so loud that all the cavern broke into claps like thunder. He cried out with a mighty voice for his brother Cyclops. Hearing his terrible shout, they came flocking for all over the island to inquire what ailed Polyphemus, and what cause he had for making such horrid clamours in the night time to break their sleep.

From within the cave, Polyphemus answered that Noman had hurt him, Noman had killed him, Noman was with him in the cave. Hearing this they-replied that if no man had hurt him, and no man was with him inside his cave, the evil which affected him was from the Hand of Heaven, which none could resist or help. So they left him and went their way, thinking that some disease troubled him.


How does the poet justify this wrong?
It was Lord Krishna that incited Arjuna to kill Kama when he was vainly trying to raise his chariot out of the mud in which it had stuck. According to the code of honour and laws of war prevailing then, it was wholly wrong. But the fight between Arjuna and Kama was a fight between good and evil and evil had to be defeated ultimately. Lord Krishna urged Arjuna to kill karna as it was his duty and the act of killing Kama could be considered as an act of God as God himself had sanctioned the death of Kama.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 4 with Answers (1st Language)

VIII. Explain with reference to the context: ( 5 × 3 = 15 )

Question 34.
Egypt, in fact, was made by its river.
The words “Egypt, in fact, was made by its river” is extracted from the essay ‘The Elixir of Life’ by C. V. Raman. The writer explains the important role of water in our life. He refers to the River Nile , and goes on to explain that the entire soil of the Nile valley is the creation of the river Nile. The flood waters from Abyssinia and Central Africa had brought down the finest silt. Egypt and its ancient civilization was created and sustained by the river Nile.

Question 35.
What woman’s happier life repays Her for those months of wretched days?

  • This lines are extracted from the poem ‘CLM’ by John Masefield.
  • Here the poet remembers his Mother’s joy while he was growing up into a man. He imagines the pain and sufferings that his mother underwent during child birth. Hence he feels indebted to her and to all women in general.
  • He feels sorry that he cannot repay her sacrifice by doing anything for the women of the world.

Question 36.
“Will you buy my hair ?”

  • Gift of the Magi – O. Henry
  • Della asked – Madame Sofronie, who bought hair.
  • Money saved by Della was not sufficient to buy a Christmas gift for her husband Jim.
  • Decided to sell her hair.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 4 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 37.
“Stay where you are until our backs are turned”.
These lines are taken from the poem ‘Mending Wall’ by Robert Frost. The narrator address the ‘Wall’ constructed between his and his neighbours property. He playfully orders the ‘wall’ to stay there until he and his neighbour go back to there houses i.e, is to mean to go back to their old ways of not speaking or acknowledging each other having mended the wall.

The ‘wall’ is a symbol of a ‘barrier’ between the narrator and his neighbour. It prevents them to interact with each other in a friendly manner. They have built a ‘wall’ in their mind and that wall is preventing them from being friendly.

Question 38.
“Teach him to have faith in his own idea”
Poem : Abraham Lincoln’s letter to his son’s teacher
Poet : Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of USA had written a letter to his son’s teacher in the form of a poem. In the letter he requests the teacher to teach his son the qualities that can make his son grow up into a good man.

He asks his teacher to teach his son to have faith in his own ideas, even if everyone tells him that their are wrong because it leads to his development as an independent individual. who can think of original ideas and not follow the easy beaten path of life.

IX. Quote from memory: ( 1 × 4 = 4 )

Question 39.
I was angry with my friend :
I told my wrath, my wrath did end.
I was angry with my foe :
I told it not, my wrath did grow.


‘I long woo’d your daughter, my suit
you denied :
Love swells like the Solway, but ebbs
like its tide –
And now am I come with this lost love
of mine.
To lead but one measure, drink one
cup of wine.
There are maidens in Scotland more
lovely by far.
That would gladly be bride to the young

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 4 with Answers (1st Language)

X. Answer the following questions in seven to eight sentences each : ( 3 x 4 = 12 )

Question 40.
Why should any model of development based on high consumption and limitless market expansion prove to be highly dangerous?
Any model of development based on high consumption life-styles through aggressive advertising and limitless market expansion is unsustainable. It is also highly dangerous for the well-being of humanity. The price paid in ecological terms will make it the most suicidal enterprise the human race has ever embarked upon. For such development, the resources of planet Earth will prove horribly inadequate.

We would need at least another three planets. It is clear then that this consumer paradise, aggressively marketed by giant global corporations will pave the way for an ecological holocaust and prove to be the most unworldly vision of all.

Question 41.
What precautions does Abraham Lincoln want his son to learn in school, while dealing with different kinds of people in the society?

  • To be positive and optimistic
  • To be able to accept failure and defeat
  • To be able to appreciate what are beyond human understanding.
  • To have faith and belief in oneself
  • Not to tread the beaten track
  • Not being gullible
  • To be able to discriminate the right from the wrong
  • Not being gullible
  • To be positive and optimistic
  • To be able to accept failure and defeat
  • To have faith and belief in oneself
  • To be able to appreciate what are beyond human
  • To be able to discriminate the right from the understanding wrong
  • Not to tread the beaten track


How does the poet bring out the intense love of the female sarus crane towards its partner?
The poem vividly explains how a female sarus crane expresses her deep emotions for her dead male partner. It is similar to the emotions of human beings. When its male partner was killed by the hunters, the female crane was filled with a sorrow she had never ever experienced. She went insane with sorrow and circled the sky in movements of grace over the disgraceful end of her male partner.

After her killers went away, she returned to the place where he was shot and started crying in dots and dots and expressed her sorrow. She kissed a few feathers lying there with her beak and sat on them to hatch the blood stained feathers. This suggests the desperation of the female bird who had lost her sense in her grief and tries to make the impossible, possible.

The female Sarus crane then refused to have food or water and pined away for her dead male partner and eventually died of sorrow and starvation.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 4 with Answers (1st Language)

Question 42.
Narrate any three humorous situations that took place in the village cricket match.
The ball struck by the Sexton went straight and hit Boone’s stomach like a red hot cannon ball on a Spanish galleon. Boone was angry because he had not intended to catch the ball and had been hurting badly as the ball had hit him in the stomach.

Blacksmith had a sprained ankle and on behalf of him baker was the runner and on the other end was Joe. After the blacksmith had struck the ball hard. He got excited and forgot about his injured ankle and that he had a runner. He set off to run to the other end. His runner too started off after him. The Postman at the other end also started running. So there were three batsmen running for a run.

The blacksmith and the baker, also very naturally ran with their heads turned not only upwards but also backwards as well, so that they too gazed at the ball, with an alarming sort of squint and a truly terrific kink in their necks.

When the Blacksmith hit the ball high up in the air all the fielders except Boone, moved toward the ball. Mr. Harcourt had obviously lost sight of the ball and was running around Boone giggling foolishly. Livingstone and Southcott were approaching the ball competently because either one of them would have caught the ball easily. The captain, Mr. Hodge decided to ask Livingstone to have the catch and yelled ‘Yours Livingstone’.

Hearing this Southcott stopped in his tracks. Mr. Hodge then remembered Livingstone’s two missed catches and reversed his decision and roared at Southcott to catch the ball. Mr. Southcott obediently started again, while Livingstone, who had not heard the second order, went straight on to catch the ball, even though the captain Hodge had restored the status quo.


Explain the views expressed by the writer on the tragic comedy of development.
The writer, Cheriyan Alexander, comments that it is deep irony that private prosperity is growing, but tragically there is an inexorable impoverishment of the resources that belong to the public realm. Although an amazing variety of sleek car models are available to choose from, the roads in bur cities are in pretty bad shape and getting worse.

Public lung spaces such as parks and play grounds are rapidly turning into fashionable luxury resorts for the affluent of the services in the public domain such as transportation, health care, libraries and education have been pushed into the private realm so that some company or the other can make a profit on them. In the process, the poor are being pushed into becoming consumers of increasingly, expensive goods and utilities.

Consumerism has been drummed up as “development” by agencies like the world bank, whose main objective is to make the way smooth for the unbridled expansion of the so- called “free market” economy into every comer of the globe.

The writer calls such ‘development’ a tragic – comedy because the proponents of such ‘development’ dream of a day when all of India will look like the United states with two cars in every garage and the reassuring glow of
McDonald and Pepsi signs all along every high way. This ‘development’ can be ironically confirmed when the sheer tonnage of the garbage we throw out – Plastic cups, junked cars, refeigerators and T.V. sets – matches the level that in America.

When this happens we will no longer be a ‘developing country’ but will be certified as ‘developed’ by the Americans, who have been our teachers and role models. To actualize this vision, millions of Indian youth are rushing to get their MBA degrees.

XI. 43. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below : 1 × 4 = 4 ( 2 × 2 )

Tia Geminiuc, an insurance wholesaler, was making a quick stop at a chemist when she overheard an elderly woman asking for directions to a nursing home. Geminiue tried to explain the route by city bus but it was clear that the trip would be complicated. So she said to the woman. “If you wouldn’t mind, I would like to drive you there”.

Doing so would take her out of her way and make her late for an important meeting with a client, but Geminiuc believes in reaching out. “The feeling you get from making someone’s day is something you can’t purchase,” she says.

Heading to the nursing home, the older woman explained that she was going to see her husband. “Because I gave her a lift, she got to spend an extra two hours with him,” says Geminiue. “At that moment, she needed me more than anyone else did.”

It’s lovely to think that we do good deeds simply because we like making someone’s day, but there must be a deeper motive at play. Human behaviours have evolved over thousands of generations and do not persist unless they support our survival. “Natural selection minimizes any behaviour that supports others but is costly to us – unless there are compensating benefits,” says a Canadian Psychologist.

Questions :
A. What extra benefit did the old lady get by the good deed of Geminiuc?
The old lady got to spend an extra two hours with her husband, at the hospital.

B. What did Tia Geminiuc overhear?
Tia Geminiuc overheard an elderly woman asking for directions to a nursing home.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 4 with Answers (1st Language)

XII. 44. Write an essay of about 18-20 sentences on any one of the following topics: ( 1 × 5 = 5 )

a) Television a companion and spoiler
Television, popularly known as fool’s box, has out lived its nick name. It has not only an important member of our family now who gives us company when we are alone, but also a knowledge box. In the present world of nuclear families, where no one has time for any one, children and adults equally depend on this magic box. The entertainment it brings to our otherwise boring days is incomparable.

News channels bring us worldwide happenings to our home and channels like NGC and Discovery bring the world of animals and plants to our visiting room. Serials relieve house wives of their loneliness and devotional programmes soothes the minds of our grandparents.

But, as a coin has two sides, even this ‘magic box’ has its disadvantages. Children getting addicted to cartoon channels, house wives getting addicted to serials and youth getting influenced by entertainment channels have become a social issue. This wonder box has made us its slave to such an extent that we are not able to be free from its clutches. Its influence started affecting the once warm relations. If used wisely and judiciously, I think TV can remain as our companion.

b) Folk dances of India
India is land of diversity. It is unique in having a wide range of art forms across the country which nourished our culture. The main folk dance forms of India are, Dappu in Andrapradesh, Ponung, Dafla in Arunachal Pradesh, Jadur in Bihar, Dhangar in Goa, Phagun in Haryna, Kud in Jammu and Kashmir, Tirayattam in Kerala, Bhoota in Karnataka, Hazong in Meghalaya, Baredi in Madhya Pradesh, Lezim in Maharashtra, Thisham in Manipur, Teri chha inNagland, Koya in Odisa, Bhangra in Panjab, Dandia in Rajasthan, Kavadi in Tamil Nadu, Hazagiri in Tripura, Jagar in Uttar Pradesh and Nak Cheng Rennie in West Bengal.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 4 with Answers (1st Language)

XIII. 45. Imagine you are Pallavi / Kiran studying in government High School, Bellary. Write a letter to your friend about the election conducted in your school for ‘School Parliament’. ( 1 × 5 = 5 )

Pallavi / Kiran
Government High School

My dear friend,
Hai, how are you? I am fine and I am expecting the same from you. How is your study?
I want to inform one very interesting thing that had happened in our school. As usual for our ‘School Parliament’ the election was conducted. Canvas, and Pamplets were prohibited. Only one week duration we had to work hard for that only after the school hours. What a great surprise! I am elected as a president. I am happy and decided to work hard.
Convey my best regards to one and all.

Yours loving friend
Pallavi / Kiran

Dilip . M
S/O Manjunath,
No – 86, II Cross, III Stage
Bangalore – 560 085


Write a letter to the officer, Bellary Corporation, complaining about bad roads in your area.

No. 65, III Cross, II main ‘

The Divisional Officer,
Bellary Corporation

Respected Sir,
Sub : Repair of bad roads
I am compelled to write to you on behalf of our area ie., Basavanagara. Almost all the roads in our area have pot holes. During rainy season it is very difficult to walk or ride on the road. I and all our area people request you to take immediate remedial measures to provide good roads for us. I hope you will act on our plea as soon as possible and help us.

Thanking you Sir,

Yours faithfully

Encl : Our area people’s signature letter.