KSEEB Solutions for Class 7 English Prose Chapter 2 A Soldier’s Son

Students can Download English Lesson 2 A Soldier’s Son Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes Pdf, Activity, KSEEB Solutions for Class 7 English helps you to revise the complete Karnataka State Board Syllabus and to clear all their doubts, score well in final exams.

Karnataka State Syllabus Class 7 English Prose Chapter 2 A Soldier’s Son

A Soldier’s Son Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes

C. Speaking and writing:

Take turns with your partner and ask or answer these questions. Explain to him or her why you think your answer is correct. Quote from the text where ever necessary. Write down your answers.

Question 1.
Explain in your own words how a pilot saved himself.
Minutes before the plane crashed, the pilot fell out of the plane that was plummeting down to Earth. He opened a parachute and floated gently down with the wind to the ground.

KSEEB Solutions for Class 7 English Prose Chapter 2 A Soldier’s Son

Question 2.
The boy say the plane only after it had been shot (True / Not True)
Not True

Question 3.
In English, nouns are commonly used as verbs also, Point out to your partner two such verbs in paragraphs 1 and 2.
fell, fire

Question 4.
Where was the pilot flying to when his plane was shot?
The pilot was flying to Air Force Station, Ambala.

Question 5.
Why did the enemy shoot at the boy?
The enemy shot the boy because they came to know that the boy had helped to rescue the pilot and enemies were arrested by police.

Question 6.
The sentry had seen the plane crash (True / Not True)

KSEEB Solutions for Class 7 English Prose Chapter 2 A Soldier’s Son

Question 7.
Maqbool Butt was a patriot’s son (True /Not True)

Question 8.
“They can’t do a thing if our number is not written on the bullet” – Explain this statement to your partner.
A person will die only if he is destined to die after being hit by a specific bullet from the enemy. If he is not destined to die that way, nothing would happen even if the bullet is fired at him. He will come back unscathed.

Question 9.
The boy knew what the officer did not know (True / Not True)

Question 10.
The commanding officer said something humorously. What was that?
“Instructions noted. Sir, action will be taken”.

Question 11.
How did the commanding officer and the Major tend the boy?
The commanding officer gathered the boy who had fallen down in his arms and carried him the ambulance. Major Dogra moved swiftly to him and gently used his leg into a comfortable position.

Question 12.
A distant voice came to the officer’s ears. Whose voice was that?
The distant voice was the voice of the dead son of the officer. He died in the 1971 war.

Question 13.
What was Maqbool’s ambition?
Maqbool’s ambition was to become a soldier when he grows up.

D. Word Formation:

Make Compound Nouns using the words given

a. life: life – b u o y; life – g i v i n g;
Life – g u a r d; life j a c k e t
life – l i n e; life – l e s s
life – s i z e: lifet i m e

Exercise – 1

Look at these pairs of sentences. Rewrite them as complex sentences with Noun Clauses. Underline the Noun Clause.

Question A.
Where have I left my bicycle? Ah! I remember it.
I remember where I have left my bicycle, (object of the verb – ‘remember’.)

KSEEB Solutions for Class 7 English Prose Chapter 2 A Soldier’s Son

Question B.
They caught the thief with the jewels. This is how they did it.
This is how they caught the thief with the jewels. (Complement of the verb ‘is’)

Question C.
Do something now. Everything depends on it.
Everything depends on What you are going to do now. (object of the preposition “on”).

Question D.
He was saying something about his troubles. I listened to him.
I listened to what he was saving about his troubles. (listened – object of the verb)

Question E.
“My son will win a prize in the high , jump event. I am certain of that,” she said.
I am certain that my son would win a prize ‘ in the high jump. (Complement of the adjective “certain”)

Exercise 2.

The Noun clause begins with ‘that’ or what we may cal “Wh Words”. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words given in the brackets.
(why; that; whether; where; how; when)

Newspaper Reporter: Why have you people become factory workers?

  • Devaiah: We lost our fields. This is the place where we used to grow Ragi.
  • Krishnappa: They said that we should sell our fields, and we had to sell them.
  • Rajanna: That is how we lost our fields.
  • Krishnappa: That is when this factory came up here.
  • Devaiah: That is why we have become factory workers.
  • Rajanna: We don’t know whether our children will ever become farmers again.

Prefixes and Suffixes:

The cloud carries words which can be joined to the prefixes and suffixes in the bubbles. Make as many words as possible by trying out different combinations. Sometimes both a prefix and a suffix can be used to make longer words. Observe how the meaning of the words change after you have added affixes to them.

KSEEB Solutions for Class 7 English Prose Chapter 2 A Soldier’s Son 1

  1. Justice – injustice
  2. Child – childish, childishly
  3. Graph – autograph, graphic
  4. Graduate – undergraduate, postgraduate
  5. equip – equipment, under equip
  6. race – disgrace, racism
  7. active – inactive, underactive, actively
  8. healthy – unhealthy, healthily
  9. fortunate – misfortunate, unfortunate, fortunately
  10. judge – misjudge, judgement, judgemental
  11. quick – quickly
  12. responsible – irresponsible, responsibility, irresponsibility, irresponsibly
  13. fortune – misfortune, unfortunate, unfortunately
  14. regular – irregular, regularly irregularly
  15. successful – unsuccessful, successfully, unsuccessfully
  16. accurate – inaccurate, accurately
  17. appear – disappear
  18. direct – indirect, directly, misdirect, indirectly

F. Writing:

Now, you imagine that you are a reporter to your local newspaper. Write a short report about Maqbool’s bravery.

Maqbool Butt is the son of a patriot as well as a brave soldier who died a brave death for his country. He was inspired a lot by his parents. One day he saw a plane shot down by the enemy fire and the pilot struggling. The pilot asked Maqbool to carry a packet of papers which contained important information.

He was chased by the important information. He was chased by the enemies but he ran fast to reach the destination and delivered it to the Commander. The young boy was inspired to do a good job for his country. He carried out the job with great courage and presence of mind. He took the Commander and major in the jeep where the enemies were and at last enemies surrendered.

When he was shot by the enemy’s bullet, he smiled aid said “A soldier never weep”. He later told that he was determined to became a soldier when he grows up.

A Soldier’s Son Summary in English

A Soldier’s Son Summary in English

The plane was veering in the sky. It was losing height and coming towards earth at a great speed. At any moment it would crash and before that a figure came out opening the parachute and landed on the ground.

A small boy was watching this plane being shot down by an enemy fire. He came near the wounded pilot. The pilot told him that he could not walk and wanted him to take a packet of papers to Air force station. Ambala and it should reach immediately. He also asked the boy to run to escape from the enemies. The boy saluted him and went fast.

But he was seen by the enemies who chased him as well as shot few cartridges around him. After a few minutes he reached the sentry post of the army unit. He told them to take him to the Commander Saheb to deliver a packet and it was very important and this was given by the pilot whose plane was shot down.

The sentry spoke in telephone and a sepoy took him to the Commander Saheb. He told him his name was Maqbool Butt and his father was awarded a medal for bravery. He died fighting for the nation. He told him about the pilot and the packet. The Commander asked him was he not afraid of the enemies.

For this has reply was his father told he never to be afraid of the enemy and their bullets. The Commander praised him and said he was the son of a brave soldier. He told him he knew where the enemies were and they must reach that place immediately and they left.
After 5 minutes the enemies found themselves surrounded by jeeps and they could not escape.

The pilot was taken to the military hospital for treatment. The Commander and his men thanked Maqbool and asked him to go home as his mother would be worried. For this, he told them he was the son of India and his loyalty rests with soil.

The boy fell down as the enemy fire hit leg. The CommandingiOfficer put him in an ambulance. He saw the commander’s eyes full of tears. For this Maqbool told “A soldier never weeps, Sir” Another voice from far away seemed to say “A soldier never runs from the enemy, father, you told me so.”

The Commander told the boy that he received the P.V.C for his late son in the 1971 war. Maqbool told the Commander that he would become a soldier when he grows up and the Commander wished him that one day he would lead the Indian Army with the same daring and courage he had shown now.

A Soldier’s Son Summary in Kannada

A Soldier’s Son Summary in Kannada 1

A Soldier’s Son Summary in Kannada 2

KSEEB Solutions for Class 7 English Prose Chapter 2 A Soldier’s Son

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