KSEEB Solutions for Class 7 English Prose Chapter 3 A Letter from a Mother

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Students can Download English Lesson 3 A Letter from a Mother Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes Pdf, Activity, KSEEB Solutions for Class 7 English helps you to revise the complete Karnataka State Board Syllabus and to clear all their doubts, score well in final exams.

Karnataka State Syllabus Class 7 English Prose Chapter 3 A Letter from a Mother

A Letter from a Mother Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes

C. Listening, Speaking and Writing:

Take turns with your partner, the boy or the girl sitting next to you, to ask or answer these questions. Explain why you think your answer is correct. Quote from the letter wherever necessary. Write down your answer.

Question 1.
This is a letter written by a father to his daughter. (True / Not True)
Not True

KSEEB Solutions for Class 7 English Prose Chapter 3 A Letter from a Mother

Question 2.
What do you think, the age of the daughter could be?
The daughter could be a teenager.

Question 3.
It is somewhat painful for both parents and the child to be separate. (True / Not True)

Question 4.
Why, do you think, the daughter has gone away from home and living in a distant place?

  1. I think, the daughter has gone away from home and is living in a distant place, as she would have got admission in an educational institution which has better facilities than the place where her parents are staying.
  2. The distance from her home and college is very far and she finds it difficult to commute everyday and study well.

Question 5.
The mother say, “This is the first time apart. “What does she mean”. Explain this to your partner.
It means that this is the first time the girl is away from home and staying in a hostel.

Question 6.
The mother says, “ you will be ready to fly away.” Explain what she means.
A fledging flies away from her nest when she becomes an adult. In the same way, the girl after her studies she would be settling down in a place and will be ready to move away from her parents place.

KSEEB Solutions for Class 7 English Prose Chapter 3 A Letter from a Mother

Question 7.
The mother praises her daughter for her six good qualities. What are they? Scan paragraph 2 and find them. Explain why she praises her so.
The six good qualities the daughter possess are

  1. strong-minded
  2. persistent
  3. not easily discouraged
  4. independent
  5. responsible
  6. taking her parents help when she needed.

The mother praises her daughter because when the daughter was unable to keep pace with the teacher’s teaching speed, she herself made her study cards and also sought her parents guidance. When she finally succeeded in this, she learnt how to solve her own problems when it arose as well as responsible enough to ask for help and guidance from others.

(The mother praises her daughter to remind her that she can manage any situation as she is capable of thinking independently. She also takes others help when it is necessary.)

Question 8.
An example of the daughter’s good behaviour is given. What is it?
A good daughter’s behaviour shons that she should be strong – minded persistent and not easily discouraged even though when not succeded.

Question 9.
Imagine you are living in a hostel. Tell your partner about your life there.
My hostel life is different from the life’s Ihad at home. Here I have to be punctual. The dining hall is closed after a specific time. I have to take care of my personal things like cleaning the room, washing clothes. I have to adjust with my roommates. Luckily I have got roommates who have same thinking like me. I have to switch off the room light at 11 pm.

The hostel gates are close at 7 p. m. sharp. I have to plan ahead what I have to buy and come before that time. I get time to go to library to refer as well as devote more time to study.

I am able to interact with students who have come from different parts of India. We have few foreign students who have come here for student exchange programme. I am slowly getting acquainted with them.

Question 10.
Learning to look after oneself is learning to feel dependent. (True / Not True)
Not True

Question 11.
Poonam once said to her hostel mate : “Speak up for your needs. Why are you hesitant ?” (True / Not True)
Not True

KSEEB Solutions for Class 7 English Prose Chapter 3 A Letter from a Mother

Question 12.
What is homesickness? Have you ever felt homesick?
Homesickness happens when someone is separated from home or from familiar people and environment. Everyone feels homesick from time to time.

I have felt homesick often. During weekend, I think of the goodtime I used to have with my family. The picnic we used to go, the long walks with my father, the fights with my brother.

My mother’s delicious food reminds me everyday whenever I eat the hostel food. But every time I tell myself. I am staying in hostel for a specific purpose and a will go back home after that. This makes me happy and overcome homesickness.

Question 13.
Look at the third sentence in paragraph 5. Rewrite it as 3 simple sentences.
Begin like this – Are you homesick?
If so help someone who is homesick.
That may help you feel better.

Question 14.
What good qualities can hostel life develop, according to Mary Ann Cain?
Give examples, (you can use these words; broadmindedness, sympathy, helpfulness.

Question 15.
The mother tells her daughter; “It is good to be an introvert. (True / Not True)
Not True

Question 16.
Is it good to be an introvert or an extrovert? Tell your partner about this.
Extrovert students will make lot of friends quickly and will have more fun. As they are extrovert in nature, they will take part in group activities and have general fun also. They also learn to depend on each other. Extrovert students increase their smartness, become a good sportsman, develop high tolerance capacity and also accepting things easily.

On the other hand students who are introverted will be shy, have low self esteem. They find difficult to make friends easily and this leads to frustration in them. They can easily indulge in risky activities like drugs, alcohol and smoking. Since ragging is more rampant in hostels, these shy introverted ones will have a tough time.

Too much of extrovert or introvert is not good. Extrovert students may not devote much time in their studies as they will be busy with their friends. But introvert can devote and concentrate more in their studies if they want to.


Work with your partner and supply the missing Modals — “may”, or “can” – in the dialogue given below:

  • Grandmother: (grandma;) We are going to Ragigudda Temple, Ravi.
  • Ravi: You will have to climb one hundred steps there, Grandma.
  • Grandmother’s Friend: That may not be difficult for me Shantha, but it may be difficult for Veena.
  • Grandmother’s Friend: Is this a new car, Ravi?
  • Ravi: Yes, it is, Veena Aunty, (aunty) Bless me. (Touches their feet)
  • Grandma and friends: May God bless you.
  • Ravi: Mother Can I take Grandma and Aunties to Banashankari Temple?
  • Mother: Yes, but drive safely, Ravi.
  • Ravi: I will mother.

(After the Trip)

  • Mother: Did you have a good trip? Grandma: Yes, we did, Malathy.
  • Friends: We must thank Ravi for that. Ravi: Oh, no. Leela Aunty. It was a pleasure for me.
  • Mother: Ravi, do you know? Veena is flying to her grandson’s place, in France this Sunday.
  • Ravi: Take care, Veena Aunty.
  • Mother: Oh, she will take care of herself. She can speak French.

E. Use of Words:

1. Write the noun for the verb given:

  1. choose – choice;
  2. live – living
  3. lose – loser, loss
  4. sing – singer
  5. speak – speaker
  6. run – run

KSEEB Solutions for Class 7 English Prose Chapter 3 A Letter from a Mother

3. Write the verbs for the noun given:

  1. bath – bathe
  2. food – food
  3. sale – sale
  4. cheer – cheer
  5. check – check

5. Circle the odd man out and tell your partner the reason for doing so —

Question 1.
Drama, Singer, actor, dancer.
Drama – It is an art form others are performance.

Question 2.
Sledge, igloo, fun, Eskimo
Eskimo – It is a person living in the Arctic region the others are things used by an Eskimo.

KSEEB Solutions for Class 7 English Prose Chapter 3 A Letter from a Mother

Question 3.
Bigger Cheetah, leopard, cub.
Cub – It is a baby animal to many animals other three are grown up wild animals.

A Letter from a Mother Summary in English

A Letter from a Mother Summary in English

This is a letter written by a mother to her daughter who has been away from her for the first time. She wanted her daughter to grow as a strong and confident girl and she is willing to undergo the sorrow of her daughter being away. The mother felt that being apart make a person strong-minded and persistent. She had asked her daughter to be careful and take good care as there is nobody in the hostel to take care of her except herself.

She advised her to speak up to the hostel warden if any need is there and everybody in the hostel are also new to this all will be homesick and will be undergoing similar experiences like her.

She wanted her daughter to make the best all the new experiences, new situation as each and everyone will make her learn a new way to react to that. This would introduce her to new people also. She advices her daughter to take care of her own happiness and also to take care of others welfare also.

The mother expressed that she is very confident that her daughter can do it as she had managed herself successfully before. She advices her to take time to adjust, be aware of others feeling while she is discovering about herself.

The poet advises people to have a keen eye and a sharp ear when they walk on a green field, a park or even under a dumb of trees and they will notice and hear many wonderful things.

If you look very keenly, the meadows will have lot of surprises. The velvet grass can tell you something when you walk softly over them. The river will have something for you to listen.

In the garden you might see a butterfly sitting on a butter cup unfolding its drinkig straws to sip the sweet nectar. Yu may see a rabbit who might be sitting still though you may not see it until it hops.

A dande lion which was golden yellow few days ago has turned into fuzzy head and when you blow air it flys like parachutes. When you explore the meadow houses you might find burrows in the ground you might also observe a ants amazing mound and a nest built under tall grasses.

The poet again reinforces that meadows have many surprises and many things to tell. You would discover only if you look carefully and listen well.

A Letter from a Mother Summary in Kannada

A Letter from a Mother Summary in Kannada 1

A Letter from a Mother Summary in Kannada 2

KSEEB Solutions for Class 7 English Prose Chapter 3 A Letter from a Mother

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